Watches That Will Make a Groom’s Wrist Shine on Your Wedding Day


While the bride is traditionally the focus on the wedding day, there’s no rule that says the groom cannot look his best. Along with close attention to the choice of attire, it never hurts to consider accessories like wristwatches. Here are a few suggestions that will work well whether the wedding has a formal theme or is more of a casual  celebration.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay  Watch

One of the reasons this particular watch is such a good choice is that it will blend in nicely with a traditional black tuxedo or look equally appealing if the wedding is taking place along a waterfront and the groom happens to be wearing jeans paired with a traditional Mexican style wedding shirt. The finish on the polished steel provides the ideal setting for the red bezel and the jet black watch face. Paired with a beautifully crafted black leather band, it’s hard to go wrong with this  watch.

Ulysse Nardin  Maxi

While this particular model happens to be a diving watch, it still works just fine as an accessory for the groom. The stylish layout of the facing paired with the black dial provide a classic look while the black rubber used for the watch band bears a striking resemblance to more than one type of leather. In fact, people will be hard-pressed to tell the band isn’t leather unless they touch  it.

One of the best ways to describe the look of this watch is that it has a certain quite elegance that is hard to come by. The fact that it also has a number or practical features makes it all the more attractive. With just enough detail to be interesting but not enough to call attention away from the groom or the bride, this quiet but classic look is a wonderful  choice.

Audemars  Piguet

Considered one of the most prestigious Swiss watches, there are several designs that would be perfect for the groom. A man who prefers silver to gold will find that the Royal with its silver body and band is perfect for the occasion. The white dial ensures that the look is fully classic and sure to blend in with any type of  attire.

There’s also the Royal Yellow to consider. What sets this watch apart is the combination of silver and gold to create a more versatile look. The black dial is paired with a gold bezel, making it ideal for just about any setting. The band also has elements of gold combined with the silver body as a way to complete the look. Long after the wedding is over, this watch will be perfect for wearing to the office or anywhere else that the groom wants to  go.

Remember that the little details mean a great deal when it comes to wedding attire and accessories. Spend some time looking at different watch options and choose one that will look great today and still look nice when someone looks at the wedding album a couple of decades from now. Who knows? The right watch may also be around to wear when the time comes to celebrate the couple’s 25th wedding  anniversary.

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