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Full consultation on charity tax relief plans, announces Downing Street

Downing Street announced a “full, formal consultation” on plans to cut tax relief on charitable giving after a Treasury minister admitted the policy would reduce donations to good causes.

Evening Standard misread new mayoral poll

A new YouGov poll out today shows Boris has maintained his six-point lead over Ken Livingstone. This despite Labour leading the Tories by 17 points in London.

David Cameron: no U-turn on charity cap

The Prime Minister denies backing down on plans to cut charity tax relief despite announcing a full consultation on the policy.


Tory grassroots want blue collar Conservatives promoted to Cabinet

Over the weekend I’ll reveal how ConHome readers answered the question as to who they’d most like promoted to the Cabinet and also those they’d like demoted from the Cabinet.

Charity tax relief proposals: The taxman’s greed will strangle Britain’s amazing culture of giving

Charities cannot exist without their generous backers, so a Treasury assault on them is intolerable.

Ad agency ‘hired people from street for Ken video and gave them scripts’

Unifying the notoriously disparate Republicans will be Romney’s biggest challenge in the election run-up


David Cameron may be error-strewn. But there’s no alternative … yet

The Conservative leader is the subject of murmurings after successive strategic mistakes – might a woman be next?

Mayoral elections: Labour’s local difficulty

The party is sending a confused and reactionary message that can only have rivals rubbing their hands in glee


The Government’s tax message is becoming a mess. By playing endless political games, it risks unintended damaging consequences.


Tougher tax credit rules and lack of full-time jobs create benefits trap

Analysis shows only half of vacancies meet government’s tougher rules for working tax credit qualification

UK jobless total ‘to rise by 100,000 over summer’

Some 100,000 more people will be without a job before the end of the summer, according to a new report.

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