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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

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The hard truth about terrorism is that there isn’t a lot more we can do to stop it

There is a familiar pattern, almost a ritual, that follows each terrorist outrage. Flowers are laid around the police cordon. World leaders promise to “stand with” the afflicted country. Its flag is projected on to landmarks, and the Eiffel Tower is dimmed. Sympathetic hashtags spread on social media.


To survive, universities need to become elitist once again

In the age of grade inflation, what distinction does a degree confer any more?

Our children will be left to pay the price of Brexit

Letters to the Editor

As shocking as this latest attack in Spain is, bigger plots are being foiled

Using vehicles in crowded streets is a desperate tactic by fanatics struggling to make a lasting impact


Don’t be misled by the rise in pupils getting top grades, tougher A-levels are succeeding

On the face of it, the new “tougher” A-levels do not appear to have achieved their objective, which was to restore confidence in our examination system, not least by tackling grade inflation

If we aren’t willing to honestly apply the same rules to ourselves as to our opponents, everyone loses out

If you criticise Trump’s Charlotteville generalisations while defending the same tactics from Corbyn, you’re making our politics worse.

How to turn Britain’s universities into comprehensives

A more localised system with less academic selection might be better and cheaper


Sarah Champion has been cowed by a mob that prioritises multiculturalism over our most vulnerable citizens

Let me begin with the usual qualifications and caveats, and then we can get on to the real point of this article. Okay, here goes: the vast majority of British Muslims are decent, law-abiding people who respect our laws and values and who make a massively positive contribution to our country and society.

History demonstrates why a new pro-EU party would be doomed

Churchill saw a century ago that the existing party machines will always prove the stronger, and UKIP and the SDP have confirmed this.


Britain, Ireland and Brexit. Bordering on talking past each other.

Ireland’s displeasure is understandable. But it could prove counter-productive – working against the free trade deal that would suit it as well as the UK.


Brexit, customs, implementation and new trade deals. May wants to have her cake and eat it – but not quite yet

We will all have to wait until after the autumn’s federal election in Germany until the negotiating positions of the two sides start to firm up.

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