Week of Aug 29 – Sept 4

London USDR Across the Pond

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Why the basic rate of income tax for younger people should be cut

In an era when it is harder for young people to buy a house, or even just to pay rent, it makes sense to direct more help to them than older people who already have one.


May has recovered her position

Plus: investment increasing, Heseltine declining. Listen to Farage – especially if you disagree with him. And: Activate sounds like dermatological face cream.


Michel Barnier and his fellow Eurocrats are being held to account, and they don’t like it one bit

Michel Barnier mounted on his high horse at the start of the week to tell Britain to take “negotiating seriously”. After three days of serious scrutiny from British diplomats, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator seemed rather riled by that at today’s press conference.

May’s claim that she intends to lead the Party into the next election is unsustainable

She should simply repeat what she said to the 1922 Committee in June: that she will stay in post for as long as her Party and the country need her.


What happens when the Bank of Mum and Dad goes bust?

New figures show that even a sizeable chunk of Generation Rent is reliant on parental help to pay the bills. This cannot go on forever.

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