Week of Aug 8 – Aug 14


UK’s Cameron: will mend “broken society”after riots

A preview of a speech Prime Minister David Cameron will deliver on Monday regarding the economy and the state of the youth.

Listen to the children

Simon Marcus who runs a charity in London called the Boxing Academy, pens a column here about what we would likely call “tough love” here in the states. He is also, in the wake of the London riots, calling for a “moral counter-revolution”.


UK riots: George Osborne says Britain must tackle its ‘deep-seated’ social problems

George Osborne has said that Britain must tackle its “deep-seated social problems”, but said that Government would stick to its plan to cut police spending.


Three steps that will transform our police

A Tory MP has put forward three ideas for reforming a mediocre police force.

The riots have brought examples of real heroism

A call to the people of Britain to take their land back, and some examples of people getting together to do for themselves, rather than waiting and wondering who was going to do these things for them.


Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters

A devastating column from Max Hastings of the Daily Mail in the U.K.  The creep of so-called rights and freedom, this will happen in the United States if we don’t not wake up and get real.


London riots: daughter filmed ‘looting’ trainers has shamed us, says mother

The mother of a woman filmed apparently looting after rioting has spoken of her shame and despair at her daughter’s lawless actions.

George Osborne warns Europe: pull together or face ruin

George Osborne has warned that the greater financial integration of eurozone countries is the only “permanent solution” to the debt crisis which threatens to undermine the single currency.

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