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Instead of being spooked by UKIP, the Tories need to reassure Mondeo man

Voters want reassurance, not recklessness.

Tories take Spectator advice and offer Boris a campaigning role

The Sun on Sunday’s story this morning that senior Tories have opened talks with Boris Johnson about a campaigning role for the Mayor follows some advice offered by James Forsyth back in May.


David Cameron must stop the sleepwalk to a Labour win at the 2015 election

What is the Tory party doing to win over the homeless tribe of Mondeo Man? Not a lot – it’s spooked by Ukip

David Cameron: Alistair Darling is the right man to lead the battle for Britain

Today’s Sunday Times revives reports that senior Conservatives are concerned that Alex Salmond will prevail in next year’s referendum and that David Cameron will be the last British Prime Minister.


The uber-modernisers should show the Conservative Party a little bit of love

If they don’t, what’s presumably their target audience is unlikely to listen to them.


Priti Patel is Party members’ Conservative to Watch in 2014

The Eurosceptic MP for Witham (and ConservativeHome columnist) lands a fifth of the vote.


A Church which the world regards as weak can still tell the Christmas story

Declining membership does not mean Christianity in this country has lost its role.

David Cameron on tax, coalition, ‘green crap’ and Team Nigella

He’d like to present you with single-party government and lower tax rates, among other things

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