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Higher education: caps off

At this time of upheaval, the merits of any reform on funding depend upon a plausible means of financing it

MPs should be paid £26,000 a year

Tories should recognise that there is no good reason to pay MPs more than the average wage


Nelson Cameron???

Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper are more reliable models for the Prime Minister to follow than South Africa’s former President.

The number of Party members expecting Cameron to be Prime Minister after 2015 continues to fall

Otherwise, changes in the results from last month are miniscule.


‘Not misleading’ = ‘we’re right!’

Ed Balls didn’t have a good day yesterday with his poor Autumn Statement performance, but he’s had a slightly better day today, with an analysis from the Institute for Fiscal Studies that confirms families will be ‘substantially’ worse off in 2015/16 than they were in 2009/10. Balls wants to keep talking about the cost of living: now he’s got the IFS’ analysis on his side too.

Will you be better off in 2015 than you were in 2010?

The next General Election will not be decided by the statisticians but individuals judging their own circumstances and their prospects.

Welcome to Maggie Land

Mr Steerpike was among the throng that gathered at the East India Club on Thursday night to hear about the development of the Margaret Thatcher Centre, the project to perpetuate the legacy of Britain’s greatest post-war leader. Donal Blaney, the Thatcher Centre’s CEO, and Conor Burns MP invited the Lady’s ‘most fervent supporters’ to pledge £1,000 each in a ‘true sign appreciation to Lady Thatcher’.

Labour need Ed Balls, but he can’t carry on like this

Where does Ed Balls go from here? One place he certainly isn’t going is out of the shadow cabinet or his brief as shadow chancellor. Balls will remain in post till 2015. Ed Miliband knows that moving him now would be akin to saying “OK, I haven’t got a clue what my economic strategy is”. Which admittedly would be pretty close to the truth, but Miliband can’t afford to say so publicly.


George Osborne hasn’t been short of advice this week. He should cut taxes. He should cut red tape. He should cut the green lobby off at the knees. He should shoot Ed Miliband’s energy price freeze fox. He should do something, anything, to ease Tory nerves at Labour’s small, but stubborn, opinion poll lead.

Osborne’s performance was that of a man confident that he has won the argument


Boris retains his lead as Party members’ favourite to succeed Cameron

There is no evidence that his recent controversy-plagued speech has made the slightest difference to his popularity with activists.


Here you go, George: Conservative members’ priorities for the Autumn Statement

Respondents to our survey put cutting green taxes and building new nuclear power stations at the top of their wishlist.


Seven ideas for the Autumn Statement

Including one each for Homes, Jobs and Savings

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