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Mayoral election comes down to trust

The contest could hardly be closer. In our YouGov poll of voter opinion on the mayoral election, it’s not only a two-horse race, but the frontrunners are neck and neck.

When patriotism is an unrequited love

Charles Moore reviews Uncommon Enemy by Alan Judd (Simon and Schuster).

Occupy London: what went wrong?

It gave a voice to the usually ignored, but Occupy’s consensual model has seen it too often take the path of least resistance

Pensions: we have to work longer and save more

It’s the individual, not the state, who will bear the responsibility of saving for retirement, argues John Hutton.


The new anti-science assault on US schools

In a disturbing trend, anti-evolution campaigners are combining with climate change deniers to undermine public education


Our leaders lost their hearts to focus-groupies

Politicians are in thrall to the marketing experts.


Let’s have an England boss on a modest crust

Here we go again. The national soap opera that is football has taken another comical turn for the worse. We have no national football captain and no national football coach just months ahead of the European Championships.


No alternative to NHS reforms, say coalition

David Cameron and Nick Clegg admit it could take until election to persuade voters their fears are unfounded

Sketch: Will the Health Bill save Ed Miliband?

Michael Deacon watches David Cameron flounder at Prime Minister’s Questions, as Labour MPs taunt Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.

By hugging Clegg close, Cameron might end up suffocating him

The Tories are trying to smother in advance any talk of Lib Dem collaboration with Labour.


The NHS is a professional service ripe for re-engineering

Our healthcare system will only survive if it allows private companies and others to innovate, increase quality and drive down costs

Any fool can see it’s about floating the tumbleweed

The professional world is divided into those who use their brains – and those who speak in jargon.

Ignore the soporific jargon. Privatisation is a race to the bottom

The outsourcing of state services always leads to workers being paid less. Instead our leaders call it an ‘efficiency saving’


Great expectations? No. Hard times? Yes. Enter Miliband Snr

The former foreign secretary’s blueprint to help a lost generation must be taken seriously.

Cameron is right to focus on quality apprenticeships

If there are ‘no votes in skills’, as the old dictum goes, there seem to be some in apprenticeships. Hence David Cameron’s call this morning for apprenticeships to become a ‘gold standard’ qualification ranking alongside degrees from the best universities.

Worryingly little work has been done on the plans to redistribute parliamentary power

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