Week of Jan 12 – 18

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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


The next financial crash is coming. Which way will the world turn?

I used to think a rerun of 2008 would undoubtedly benefit the anti-capitalist left. Now I’m not so sure

Co-operation, influence and independence

Many are struggling over whether an independent UK would be stronger and more influential, or isolated and sidelined. Indeed, it is probably one of the pieces of disinformation that characterises the cynical and negative Stay in campaign.


A Tory party civil war would please no one more than Corbyn and his clique

To be in or out of Europe is only half the story. The Conservatives’ prime objective must be to keep Labour out of government

Project Fear: how Cameron plans to scare us into staying in the EU

It worked in Scotland, so ‘Project Fear’ will be deployed again to persuade Britain to stay in Europe

Corbyn team ‘preparing Labour for election losses’

Some Shadow Cabinet members reportedly believe Jeremy Corbyn’s team is deliberately downplaying Labour’s chances in May’s local elections to avoid criticism if the party performs badly


Why Pakistan’s most successful businesswoman should be celebrated

As the founder of 256 schools, Seema Aziz has transformed the lives of millions. So why does the West ignore her story?


A vote to leave the EU is no guarantee we’d shake off its malign influence

As the EU demonstrates with terrifying regularity, it does not always act rationally

Brexit seems unlikely to break up Britain

It seems widely assumed that Scotland will secede if the UK leaves the EU, but it’s hard to see how that actually happens.

Osborne and the politics of risk

Since the Chancellor is warning of risks to our recovery, the next Budget will have to prove that he doesn’t just feel apprehensive – but acts on it, too.


Re-unite the right? Uniting Eurosceptics against the EU is hard enough

We’re bloody-minded, independent and stubborn at our best – it should perhaps be no surprise that we can be difficult to manage.

Brexit: the golden opportunity that could become Sturgeon’s nightmare

England voting to leave the European Union could break up the United Kingdom. But Scotland voting to remain is far from certain


It’s time to tell some home truths about sexism in minority communities

Of course, sexual violence can be perpetrated by people of all backgrounds but that does not mean in that specific cases, race, religion and culture are not a factor.

The welfarist Left wants poor people to be trapped in sink estates forever

The cradle-to-grave welfare state ensures that people in poverty stay there – and that patronising apparatchiks stay in business

Junior doctors are striking for us all – to save the NHS and to make a stand

This landmark strike is not just about pay and working conditions; it’s about showing that resistance to the government is possible

Labour’s backing of the junior doctors’ strike will stain its MPs for a decade

Corbyn Contagion is spreading and wiping out talented Labour MPs

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Across The Pond is edited daily by Steve Parkhurst. Steve is a political consultant, a writer at his blog as well as a Senior Editor here at US Daily Review. Follow Steve on Twitter @SteveParkhurst

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