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Nick Clegg warns against ‘needless rivalry’ in Europe

Nick Clegg has warned against “needless rivalry and isolation” among EU member states as they seek to deal with the economic problems facing them.

Maggie’s magic came from her contempt for complacent men

Mrs Thatcher hated the kind of boardroom greed David Cameron is trying to stamp out, writes Boris Johnson.

Disabled people listened to on welfare plans? It’s a government sham

The welfare reform bill will be disastrous for sick and disabled people. But we are now determined that our voices will be heard


What’s more important to Cameron: actual fairness or presentational fairness?

‘The Prime Minister effectively rules out any move towards a “mansion tax” — a levy on high-priced properties proposed by the Liberal Democrats — or indeed any new tax on wealth. “I don’t believe, generally speaking, we should be looking at endless additional taxes.”

David Cameron: give shareholders vote to rein in executive pay

David Cameron has threatened to bring in new laws later this year to rein in executive pay which he says has “ripped off” British shareholders.

PM outlines plans for executive pay

A binding vote for shareholders on executive salaries will be part of a Government blitz on “crony capitalism” and spiralling pay and bonuses, David Cameron has said.


Labour has bigger problems than Ed Miliband

It’s not just its leader that’s holding the party back, but the shadow chancellor’s refusal to face reality.


Ed Miliband red-faced after ‘Blackbuster’ Twitter gaffe

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has bungled the simple task of sending a tweet to mark the death of Bob Holness, the host of Blockbusters.

Cameron warns FTSE fat cats: You’re overpaid

A new crackdown on fat cat salaries was announced by David Cameron today as he accused the City of failing to tackle excessively high bonuses.

The high street can’t survive just on coffee shops

Christmas spent in Yorkshire taught me two things. Some of my friends have developed curious habits. And coffee chain Costa is taking over the country.


David Cameron: Health and safety laws are holding back business

Last year, in my party conference speech, I said the Coalition would do whatever it takes to help British businesses take on the world. Earlier this week, in my New Year’s message, I said this must be the time our country really goes for it – that we’ve got to be bold about building a new economy and getting our country back to strength.

What Margaret Thatcher meant to me…

Ahead of the release of the much awaited biopic of Lady Thatcher starring Meryl Streep, Rosamund Urwin asked those whose lives were touched by the Iron Lady to describe her influence…


Give Londoners the power to fight crime ourselves

I have never made a citizens’ arrest and am wary of people who make a habit of doing so. Former Home Secretary Jack Straw has reportedly made three, including rugby-tackling a man and then tying him up.

We need to start again on private pensions

Ministerial meddling and tax raids have created a crisis – yet all hope is not lost.


Eurozone leaders warn that a recession is coming. Yup: and whose fault is that?

Do you remember that scene in The Simpsons where Homer, King of the Springfield Mardi Gras, is rolling downhill in an out-of-control float, and commands that his ‘subjects’ sacrifice themselves by throwing themselves before the wheels so as to slow his descent?

Climate change – our real bequest to future generations

Deficit hawks try to scare us about the debt we’re leaving. That’s economic nonsense – unlike the costs of global warming

Transport fare hikes: a tax on London jobs

For most Londoners, this is the day the New Year fare rises hit them. Those returning to work by rail and Tube face fare hikes of around six per cent, at a time when wages are rising by less than inflation. Some commuters we interview today are now paying £8,000 to travel to work in London by rail. Even bus fares have risen. These high transport costs are a tax on London – a tax on work.

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