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On fairness the government is taxing its credibility

When it comes to tax and spend, be it a £26,000 benefits cap, executive pay, bankers bonuses or civil servant largesse, the government needs to tackle abuse and avoidance at every income level

Britain’s Moral Decline

Peter Watt argues that John Major was onto something with his “Back to Basics” campaign, if only he had sold it properly it could have been a success.

How Nimbyism hurts taxpayers and the environment

If you want an example of how anti-development councillors are harming the public, look no further than Basingstoke. There, contrary to the wishes of the Coalition government, the council seems determined to prevent any significant house building at all.


David Cameron should start preparing for an early election

The Coalition is fraught with tension and is unlikely to last beyond 2013.


Nadine Dorries MP: Every time Cameron pleases Nick Clegg, he upsets the country

This week Parliament voted through the £26,000 cap on benefits. It was the right thing to do and, as David Cameron has said many times, ‘the people are behind us, the country wants it too’.

David Miliband: the sniping and self-pity of a truly feeble man

The best thing that David Miliband could do for the Labour Party would be to shut up.

End the menace of London’s squatters

The anti-capitalist protesters know how to pick their targets: one group was evicted from the City’s UBS building but they are conspicuously holding out at St Paul’s Cathedral. Now a group is squatting in the central London headquarters of the Scout movement.

Has our addiction to education created the wrong sort of jobseekers?

In our pursuit of the luxury trades, many essential but less glamorous jobs have been overlooked or forgotten


Mitt Romney still fails to judge the mood of the people

He wins. Then he goes and puts a foot in it. This is one problem (there are others) that the Republicans have with Mitt Romney, their seemingly unstoppable presidential candidate. He won handily in Florida this week.

Paddy Ashdown’s eight steps to winning a Parliamentary constituency

In December 1976 Paddy Ashdown put to the local party in Yeovil a plan for winning the constituency for which he had been recently selected and where the party was third at almost every election. Thirty-five and a bit years on, it still reads as a pretty good plan.

Conservatives can win the 2015 election

Yesterday Tim Montgomerie wrote a depressing piece on Conservative Home, reporting the views of Number 10 stating that Conservative victory in the 2015 election would be difficult if not impossible, and that a further period of Coalition with the Lib Dems might be the best outcome.


Time to rethink, not reassure

The big state is a political dead end for Labour. The public won’t vote for the belief that government is the cure for all ills.

The BBC’s distortion of the truth helps Putin suppress his critics

A revealing documentary – Putin, Russia and the West – is all very well, but it should not be playing into the hands of a tyrant.


Labour’s confused position on welfare gets them nowhere

Today’s Prime Minister’s Questions were, on balance, a victory for Ed Miliband (at least relatively speaking). On executive pay, he forced the Prime Minister into a who-bashes-bankers-harder fight, which only Ed could win.

The cost of the benefit cap

The BBC has an article today that shows the harm that the benefit cap would do to an average family on benefits.

The mood in Britain is to muddle along

This may be an era of economic turmoil, but people have little appetite for a radical alternative


David Cameron quietly shifts back to euro-pragmatism

Early last month, David Cameron spectacularly left the room on the first day of negotiations over the new “fiscal compact” treaty. Ever since, he’s been quietly trying to sneak back in. Over the course of the last month, there have been a series of low-key meetings between Mr Cameron and his European colleagues, as well as even lower-key meetings between Nick Clegg and other European leaders.

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