Week of July 7 – 13

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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Sorry, but Greece isn’t victim of a ‘coup’. It’s a victim of the Euro

After 17 hours of negotiations Greece and its creditors have just agreed a third bailout deal – and already there’s a new hashtag campaign on Twitter protesting that #ThisIsACoup. Paul Krugman agrees. Why so?

Greek crisis: Angela Merkel says there ‘won’t be an agreement at all costs’ at Brussels summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there “won’t be an agreement at all costs” on a Greek bailout deal as eurozone leaders arrived for a summit in Brussels

Labour fights over Harman’s leadership

Judging by the uproar that greeted Harriet Harman’s decision to support limiting future tax credit claims to just two children, Labour almost looks as though it is in a worse position as a party than it was in 2010. Labour’s interim leader has plenty of good reasons for picking this policy: she spoke to voters who talked about being unable to afford to have another child and who were aggrieved by the way benefits made this possible for others, she thinks her party lost because it didn’t seem to be listening to such voters, she’s the current leader and there are a lot of welfare cuts going through at present which the party needs to adopt some sort of position on if it is to work as a strong opposition.

Restoring trust in charities is key to the Big Society

Funds should not be used for political lobbying.


Crown Prince George is now the man to beat

George Osborne has taken a step towards becoming the next prime minister

Iain Duncan Smith, the unlikely champion for workers, on why his benefits battle is far from over

“Businesses must change the sickness culture,” says Iain Duncan Smith

Ethical objections to the all-conquering app are laudable, but try maintaining those when there’s a cut-price chauffeur at the door

Extend and pretend day?

If the Euro area decides after all to lend Greece another 53 Billion euros that they can’t pay back, we need to ask what was the crisis for? Why close the banks, undermine asset values, put Greek people into more misery and cut the output and tax revenues of the Greek economy? Why seek to change the Greek government and then lose a referendum when the Greeks called the Euro area’s bluff? And if Greece agrees to the austerity it rejected, why did they put themselves through the pain and cuts of the last few weeks, when they could have volunteered for austerity earlier to release more cash?


Tunisia attack: The West’s response to the atrocity in Sousse is in alarming disarray

Could the UK have reacted more constructively by helping beef up security in Tunisia?

What has it come to when Labour is running a better London Mayoral Selection than the Conservatives?

CCHQ’s secrecy over the London Mayoral candidate selection spits in the face of Party members.

Productivity is primarily a public sector problem

Over Labour’s long years in power from 1997 to 2010 the public sector received plenty of spending to help it on its way. This was all called investment, and some of the money did indeed go into investment. Despite this there was no productivity growth at all in this large part of the UK economy. The government needs to turn its prime attention to boosting public sector productivity.

Greece is bad, but the eurozone’s problems go a good deal further

Other nations are suffering the double whammy of high debt and a falling working-age population


The Living Wage sounds good – but tax cuts are better

If the Chancellor wants to eradicate low pay, he should embrace properly Tory ideas instead of aping bad Labour ones

Six reasons why the Chancellor is right to relax Sunday Trading laws

The current regulations are outdated, ineffective and nonsensical.

If not Islam, where do we go to understand the nature and motivation of modern terrorism?

The terrorist isn’t a problem because he doesn’t conform; he’s a problem because he does. It’s what he conforms to that makes him dangerous


George Osborne’s world view: a smaller state that intervenes more

The living wage is the Tory Clause Four moment – but it will destroy jobs and reduce opportunity

Cameron makes Britain’s voice heard in a noisy room of EU leaders

Plus, why the voters of London would be lucky to have Syed Kamall as a mayoral candidate.


Emergency Budget: Where George Osborne’s £12bn welfare cuts will fall

The Chancellor will have to end the madness of welfare dependency without angering the British people – but he must persist

Tories ‘to slow welfare cuts’ in Budget, reports suggest

Tomorrow’s Budget is expected to be brutal, with the Conservatives recognising that now is the time to inflict the maximum pain as the party is the furthest it will ever be from the next election.

If Greece’s revolt spreads across Europe, Labour will be the loser

The party is facing assault from the anti-austerity Left and a Ukip fuelled by Britain’s corroding poverty . Its relevance hangs in the balance

Plus world economic news, schools and another riddle

Ulster convulsed by bribery allegations from Dublin

Also: Police Scotland referred to UN over stop and search; more woe for Wood as she scrapes top of Plaid list; and Brit plot to transplant Hong Kong to NI revealed.


Daily catch-up: Ken Livingstone’s finest moment – his response to the 7 July 2005 bombings

Plus energy prices, Harriet Harman and Sensible Labour, the end of the euro, and the missing dollar riddle

Are the Germans about to call the Greeks’ bluff?

Even if the eurozone leaders want to keep the EU show on the road, the voters might not be quite so keen

Greece and Tunisia show the limits of sovereignty

In the modern world, no single country can get its way on its own.

If Europe’s institutions remain unanswerable to its citizens, Greece will be the beginning of the end

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