Week of Jun 21 – 27

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Cameron’s plan to put his party back together

Every Tory leader has kept jealous track of who said exactly what about whom during the referendum campaign

Britain’s great divide

The referendum has exposed a huge rift between the metropolitan elite and the rest


Brexit poll: Remain takes narrow lead in final EU referendum survey

The final poll of the referendum campaign shows a narrow lead for the Remain camp, the Evening Standard reveals today.

A last-minute plea: vote Leave and help change the course of history

The moment has arrived, dear reader: with the opinion polls suggesting that the outcome is too close to call, your vote could make a real, tangible difference to a historic referendum. My plea to you, if you are still undecided or have yet to cast your ballot, is to vote Leave with pride, confidence and hope.

Ukip surge, Tory defections, no confidence letters: Four things to watch for after the EU referendum

After the referendum comes the fallout. Speculation in Westminster has been dominated by the impact on the Tories and their leadership after the party’s biggest split for a generation

Jo Cox: Communities around the world gather to celebrate what would have been MP’s 42nd birthday

Google honours Jo Cox on her birthday. Events in Washington, New York, Beirut, Nairobi, Brussels held to pay tribute to the late Labour MP.

EU referendum poll tracker: The latest odds and will there be an exit poll?

The June 23 EU referendum is upon us, and the polls suggest the result could still go either way.


The BBC debate. Lots of leadership ambition heat. But little light to guide voters.

I would count it a no-score draw. But the setting, the personnel, much of the audience and the tone felt, to me, very London-flavoured.

Make 23rd June Independence day

Tomorrow we can restore our democracy.


Putin’s view of the EU referendum – in his own words

What he said offers no guidance one way or the other and, since it was largely missed, it is worth reprinting.

Some famous defeats for the EU in referendums

The EU can often be an unpopular cause on a ballot paper.

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