Week of Mar 1 – 7

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


The next recession

The markets have certainly been behaving as though it is


MPs are buffoons who deserve to be mocked on television

Of course satirists should be allowed to use footage from the House of Commons. Then we’d see how unfunny the jokes really are


The EU Inners will regret turning Project Fear into Project White Flag

By depicting the UK Government as powerless, they are encouraging a challenge to its authority

Snapshots of the EU referendum campaign so far

Two weeks or so down, four months or so to go.

Tax cuts work – which is why the Tories need to give us more of them

Lower taxes on labour and capital make it easier for firms to attract the talented people and investment they need to grow

Symbols without substance

Here’s an agenda for the West: Stop supporting symbols because they’re symbols


Inside the Tories’ EU dogfight

The Brexit campaign has been greatly bolstered by the support of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove


Banning Leave ministers from getting civil service support is both wrong and dangerous

This petty attempt to skew the referendum is unconstitutional and unwise.

How Brexit would affect British farmers

Yes, they depend on EU subsidies. But the results of leaving the CAP could be surprising

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