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Cash for access is toxic for the Tories

State funding of politics would be a monstrous response to the reckless open-door policy at No 10, argues Iain Martin.

Cameron’s is a lobbying scandal without lobbyists

There will be scandals like this for as long as our system of political party funding continues unreformed, argues Gavin Devine

CRB checks mean 4,000 offenders rejected as teachers

More than 4,000 offenders, including rapists, paedophiles and drug dealers, applied to become teachers last year only to be rejected after checks.


We can get rid of the ‘big money’ but we might have to pay for it, says Sir Christopher Kelly

Taking the big money out of politics was promised in the election manifestos of all three main parties, and in the Coalition agreement.

Reshuffles: the political rutting season

As a pungent fug pervades Westminster, Jerry Hayes hails the start of reshuffle-speculation season

Osborne must explain his philosophy

Budgets are not just about trying to outwit political opponents in a complex game of chess and propaganda, as some in Westminster believe. They are also about the vision that a chancellor and government wish to convey.


Budget 2012: ‘Granny tax’ hits five million pensioners

George Osborne mounted a £3 billion “stealth” raid on middle-class pensioners to fund a cut in the 50p top rate of income tax and free millions from paying income tax altogether in the Budget.

Budget 2012: the experts’ verdict

Our expert panellists give their views on today’s budget

Mayoral race is really all about Eton v the Left

And they’re off! The race for City Hall has officially started and the competitors are flooring the accelerators of their Mayormobiles.

A Nigel Lawson Budget for 2012

George Osborne’s 2012 Budget had one eye on the election and the other on the Liberal Democrats, says Iain Dale

The Chancellor must now persuade the public that the end of the 50p tax rate won’t be just a sop to the rich


Budget 2012: £2bn spending cut funds tax breaks for 20 million Britons

Chancellor George Osborne will unveil public spending cuts of up to £2billion to fund a reduction in income tax for more than 20 million people.

The Chancellor’s goal must be growth

The latest round of predictions about tomorrow’s Budget confirms that it could be a landmark for the Coalition.

Boris Johnson eight points ahead in race for Mayor

Boris Johnson is eight points ahead of Ken Livingstone in the race to be Mayor on May 3, according to a new poll this afternoon.

Budget 2012: This may be the last great moment for the Tory-Lib Dem accord

Nick Clegg knows he has to break loose from David Cameron soon. The coalition’s radicalism must be crammed into this budget

What is the Free Enterprise Group? Matthew Barrett profiles the most influential new gathering of Tory MPs

The Forty. The 301. The 2020. These are some of the groups formed by Conservative MPs after the last general election. Most are largely made up of, or driven by, 2010-intake MPs.


Class is the Conservative clause IV

The Tory party must appeal to the northern strivers to have any hope of another outright election victory

The Budget and the case for simpler taxes

The Chancellor, George Osborne, gave little away yesterday when he declared that Wednesday’s Budget would be intended to help “low and middle earners”.

Tories retake poll lead but appear at odds with public on 50p tax

Tory support up three points to 39%, but two-thirds of voters want to keep top rate of tax, Guardian/ICM poll finds

You’ll never win any argument using Twitter

We’re all familiar with the first and second rules of Fight Club, right? The third rule, were there any sense, would be: Don’t fight on Twitter.


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