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The Conservatives should prepare for life after David Cameron

The ‘modernisers’ now appear out of touch and have alienated many natural supporters, argues Iain Martin.

How Thatcher really felt about the Falklands

Conor Burns MP examines the political decisions that led to the Falklands conflict of 1982 and Margaret Thatcher’s determination to re-establish the country as a world power

UK’s over-taxed public is running out of patience

EXORBITANT: that is the only way to describe the cripplingly high levels of Air Passenger Duty (APD) now facing everybody flying from the UK.


Fuel strike: government fails to calm panic buying

The Government’s attempt to calm worried motorists appeared to have had little effect on Saturday as the country endured a third day of panic buying at the pumps.

Newspaper review: Papers assess by-election upset

A look at the first editions of the UK papers

Thomas Byrne: An idea for taxpayer-funded politics that makes sense

What’s the main thing that unites both the left and right when it comes to the issue of funding political parties?


Ministers under pressure to bring in emergency rationing as 999 crews struggle to get hold of fuel

Ministers are under pressure to invoke emergency powers giving 999 vehicles priority at filling stations after it emerged that ambulance drivers have been struggling to get hold of fuel.

This was Bradford’s version of the riots

Bradford’s peaceful democratic uprising that elected me comes from the wellspring of discontent that swept Britain last summer

The Falklands: 30 years on

At some point an acceptable settlement may be available, but the war which Argentina provoked narrowed everybody’s options


Why David Cameron’s pastygate act sticks in my craw

Pastygate is yet another example of Cameron’s fake authenticity – providing an alibi to the politics of austerity and inequality

The coalition’s stealthy expansion of grammar schools

Kent County Council has approved the first expansion of a grammar school for fifty years – expect the debate over selective education to flare up once more


Shifty and arrogant, but still the best Government we’ve got

In less than a week, David Cameron and George Osborne have been brought low by self-inflicted errors that have further undermined their credibility with voters and their Conservative colleagues.

Campaign hints from No to Scot independence

The campaign to halt the SNP starts now. David Torrance examines how the ‘No’ camp are preparing to defeat the nationalists in the Scottish independence referendum

Planning: is the Government about to unleash a culture war over the future of the countryside?

In 1937, in The Road to Wigan Pier, George Orwell noted that, even as depression dragged on, life was getting better for some.

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