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Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


An ill wind blows in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire’s uncrowded and gentle landscape is in danger of becoming the wind farm capital of England, says Peter Stanford.

Why Nicolas Sarkozy was an extraordinary president

He was pragmatic, proactive, transparent and media savvy. Is the new president, François Hollande, ready to be like that?

Cameron vows to heed poll lessons

David Cameron has admitted he needs to “prove” himself to voters and insisted he understands the message from the local elections “loud and clear”.

Left and Right politicians like Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, and Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson, sing from same hymn sheet

But political ‘debate’ ignores the fact that the market economy can’t afford enormous social security programmes.


Battleplan to avert Tory war

David Cameron is planning a fightback to stop his party descending into civil war with a Queen’s Speech offering help to “striving” families and moves to create jobs.

David Cameron needs to keep his headless chickens in the coop

The coalition will be strained to breaking point if the prime minister fails to face down the angry Tory right

Coalition ready for votes fightback

Senior coalition figures are set to begin their fightback following dismal election results that have heaped pressure on the already-straining partnership.

Louise, you don’t know the half of online cruelty

Ms Mensch should be applauded for highlighting Twitter abuse, but internet hatred goes far beyond sexism

Bercow claims voters feel let down

Commons Speaker John Bercow claims voters feel let down by mainstream political parties because they have not got what they voted for.

If the Conservatives’ UKIP problem looks bad now, wait until 2014

UKIP have done well in the local elections, securing almost 13% of the vote, in the places where they stood, and caused real problems for the Conservative Party.


Boris vows to ‘work socks off’ and cut taxes

Boris Johnson has pledged to work his “socks off” to help Londoners through tough times.

This is the moment to revive the Conservative and Liberal Democrats Coalition, not to break it apart

The Coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats remains the best response to our woes, but a new, improved version is required.

This is a bittersweet day for us London Lefties

For Leftie Londoners today is bitter-sweet. Last night’s council elections were a stinging slap in the face for the Coalition: the Tories down well over 300 seats so far, Lib-Dems down 180, and Labour set to pick up more than 700 seats nationally.

So, Boris Johnson remains mayor – and it’s not all Ken Livingstone’s fault

It was nail-bitingly close but, despite his terrible record, Johnson won. Who’s to blame for this triumph of image over substance?

Early warnings for 90,000 people facing benefits cap

Tens of thousands of families living on benefits are to be warned in the coming days that they face losing their homes as the Government begins the process of capping payouts.


Boris Johnson on the brink of victory in London mayoral race

Boris Johnson was today on the brink of victory in the London mayoral race. The Conservative Mayor was in the lead as the count took place across the capital — and Ken Livingstone’s campaign team privately admitted that their candidate is likely to lose.

The sadness of Nick Clegg

The Deputy Prime Minister has his defenders, who point to his backing for the government’s radical welfare and education reforms as proof that he is making a serious contribution.

Thatcherism with a posh accent is a toxic proposition

The Tories aren’t in existential crisis, but discontent among voters is focused on the leadership cabal and the issue of class

David Cameron and the Conservative Party have far more to fear from a Lib Lab pact than from Ukip

An interesting result this morning is that though the Lib Dems have been decimated, they have been decimated solely by Labour. In southern areas, the party has actually held up against the Conservatives.


Louise Mensch shows that it’s not just the Right that has a problem with women

Strange conversation with my mother this morning. “Did you say you wanted to hit Louise Mensch in the face with a hammer?”, she asked, in the same tone she used to use when checking whether I’d done my homework.

Final poll puts Boris Johnson ahead by six points in Mayor race

Boris Johnson was heading for victory in the race to be re-elected as Mayor of London today — backed by thousands of Labour voters.

This mayoralty has proved its importance

The polling stations are open until 10pm tonight — so there is every opportunity to vote in the mayoral and London Assembly elections. We hope our readers will do so: whoever wins deserves a strong mandate.

Sketch: Boris Johnson, London’s Justin Bieber

Michael Deacon follows Boris Johnson on his last day of campaigning to be re-elected London Mayor.

Labour must not rest on any local election laurels

All three major parties should keep in mind that a good local election result does not lay a path to general election victory

(Online Poll) Would you welcome Tony Blair returning to UK politics?

Tony Blair is keen to ‘re-engage’ with UK politics, according to reports. He has apparently hired a spin doctor as part of an attempt to raise his domestic profile. Would you welcome his return to British politics?


Re-elect Boris – then give him more powers

A victory for Boris Johnson would be a tonic for London and the country.

Boris has yet to prove his dynamism but Ken’s retro politics would prove disastrous for London’s economy


The case for Boris

The election for Mayor of London will soon be over. Some Londoners have found it an unedifying campaign. It has certainly been robust.

 Party could claim hundreds of council seats as voters vent their anger on Coalition

The whole of the UK is short of infrastructure

Some of you have commented that London has grown faster because it has taken a disproprtionate share of the infrastructure investment. It is difficult to square this with the reality.

What do the voters really want? Tony Blair

It’s always a depressing experience for politicians to encounter the voters. I don’t just mean the gruelling, occasionally terrifying grind of knocking on doors and handing out leaflets. I mean finding out what a gulf there is between your lovingly assembled, intellectually coherent policy programme, and what the nation actually wants.

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