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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s desire for dialogue with extremists is not just absurd, but dangerous

It is good that election campaigning will resume on Monday, after being suspended following Saturday night’s atrocities. The issues raised by both the Manchester and London outrages ought to affect one’s vote. They are central to our future as a free country.


“There is far too much tolerance of extremism in our country…Enough is enough.”

The Prime Minister proposed four steps to take on and defeat our enemies and their ideology.

There’s always more that can be done to stop terrorists – quit the hand-wringing and get on with it

With the general election only a few days away, Theresa May is to be congratulated on her uncompromising remarks following yet another Islamist-inspired terrorist attack on the UK.

For the sake of democracy, Britain must go to the polls on Thursday

For those not directly affected by the Manchester Arena attack, life had begun to return to normal. For many, this normal meant enjoying the sunshine and warm evenings of a weekend in June. For politicians, this was the national campaigning of the TV debates – in its most partisan, point-scoring splendour on Question Time on Friday – and the local campaigning of door-knocking and leafleting.

First, Manchester. Now London. Terror targets the election. Here are the main security options.

There is a concerted effort this morning to suggest that it is business as usual. This isn’t good enough. Voters deserve a sober examination of the choices.

The Conservative secret tax plan

There is a well buried secret in the Conservative Manifesto. It says the government will raise the Income Tax threshold to £12,500 by 2020, and will increase the threshold before you pay 40% higher rate tax to £50,000 by 2020.


Magic money trees

The parties that might form a coalition behind Mr Corbyn if enough people voted that way are good at offering to spend lots of other people’s money. There is a rivalry between Labour, the Greens, the Lib Dems and the SNP to see who can offer most for popular causes. They are much weaker when it comes to explaining how all this extra money would be paid for.

In these last few campaigning days, May must spell out what the choice means for your wallet, purse and savings

As we write, the Conservatives are still set for a win on Thursday, but there is risk of further slippage – unless key voters can be persuaded that Corbyn will crash the car.


How dare Labour say it’s the only party that represents minorities

Corbyn’s tweet about Labour unlocking the potential of black and minority ethnic Britain was insulting and deserves ridicule


Labour may be on the march, but here are five reasons why the Tories should not panic

Have you seen YouGov’s latest poll? Labour is within three points of beating the Tories; Corbyn could become prime minister. Nervous? I’m tempted to apply for EU citizenship. I hear the weather in Poland is lovely at this time of year.

If the polls are right, it’s all over for Theresa May – and that’s bad for Brexit

Anything less than a substantially increased Conservative majority will amount to a defeat for Theresa May. If she fails to achieve it, it is hard to see how her position will be tenable – either as leader of her party, or as head of a government set to steer the bargaining with Brussels.

Corbyn’s ideology blinds him to the true nature of terrorism

Marxism, that failed social science, leads him to focus on terrorists’ circumstances, not the beliefs which really drive them to kill.

Divergence in polls – giving Theresa May everything from a 3-point to a 12-point lead – is down to how pollsters treat 18-34s


May’s reform agenda will fail if it is driven from Downing Street alone

Placing every single decision in the hands of a tiny group is not a viable long-term strategy, but a recipe for total (nervous) breakdown.


How free marketeers should respond to May’s interventionism

Other than saying, “the state should stay out of things”, they haven’t had much to say. This must change. They need to set out how they’d do things better.

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