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Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


David Cameron’s third way on immigration is a very difficult sell

But on Europe he yielded nothing to Ukip and the Better Off Outers

Centres of excellence

The UK has several universities in the top ranks of world academic achievement. Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial London and other leading London establishments provide homes to some of the greatest world scientists and thinkers.

Redistribution of wealth only breeds resentment among voters

Unfair Labour policy


Why don’t we hear about the beneficial side of climate change?

Two headlines on successive days speak volumes about the scaremongering which is endemic in the way in which learned bodies disseminate information on climate science. Yesterday, the Royal Society published a report, Resilience to Extreme Weather, predicting that by 2090 four billion people around the world each year will be subjected to heatwave events, with dire consequences for the health of older people.

David Cameron on immigration


Immigration 1) Cameron’s speech – a struggle in a trap of his own devising

Yes, there is a plan on welfare restrictions. But no, there is nothing much on border control. Expectations have been raised that have thus not been met.

The X-rated Fraser Nelson

What greeted me when I accessed his Channel 4 documentary on How the Rich get Richer.

Tories give Mark Reckless ‘worst office in Parliament’

Earlier this year Zac Goldsmith complained that he had been given the ‘the worst office of any MP in Parliament’ as punishment for his disparaging remarks about the coalition. Now word reaches Mr S that the accolade of worst office has been passed to Mark Reckless following his defection to Ukip in the Rochester by-election.

If Mitchell hadn’t sued…

…he would be back in the Cabinet. His decision to do so set the scene for a personal tragedy.


The end of the Union?

The Smith Commission’s proposals suggest that Scotland’s referendum hasn’t settled the independence debate for a generation – as unionists hoped.

Why should Scottish MPs come to Westminster to impose a higher rate of Income Tax on England than the Scottish Parliament places on Scotland?



May and Javid. A tale of two future Conservative leaders?

The Home Secretary signalled intent, and her every move is thus pored over. Meanwhile, the Culture Secretary is quietly getting on with his job.

Cheaper energy

Andrew Gimson’s PMQs sketch: white van man becomes the arbiter of politics

We got Shakespeare driving a white van, or at least commenting on one, but he was trumped by an MP who actually has white vans in his family.


Owen Paterson’s speech

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