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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

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The chief executive of the British Bankers’ Association warns that major players are already planning to relocate from Britain

A call for change

This newspaper has campaigned long and hard on the subject of nuisance telephone calls. They are disruptive, exploitative and shockingly common. Earlier this year, a study found that British households are pestered by cold callers up to 60 times a month, and that these contacts account for almost half of all telephone calls to UK homes.


May’s golden opportunity; Trump can still win; and the sordid pillory of Sir Philip Green

Despite the hysterics of the politically ignorant teenagers in our financial markets, and the jeremiads of those still outraged that the common people did not do as they were told and vote to stay in the corrupt and dysfunctional European Union, Britain remains a prosperous and strong country with a great future.

Order, order! Theresa May must call time on ministerial bickering

She can ill afford to lose her Chancellor only three months after appointing him


Why it’s time for a new campaign for Brexit

There is no such thing as permanent victory in politics. History never ends: triumphs are fleeting; majorities can turn into minorities; and orthodoxies are inevitably built on foundations of sand. Communism was supposed to be discredited forever after the collapse of the Berlin Wall; yet many young people in Britain and America now call themselves socialists.

Nick Clegg is right to call Theresa May to arms

Nick Clegg’s letter to Theresa May is a fitting call for her to come to her senses. But these are just words and, unfortunately, words are invariably ignored.


A message to the Prime Minister – we still need a smaller state.

What stands in the way of the homes, jobs and savings proclaimed on the masthead of this site is not a state that’s too liberal, but one that’s not liberal enough.

Press censorship has begun in Scotland

The silencing of Stephen Daisley has nagged away at journalism in Scotland for months. His employer, STV, holds the ITV licences for central and northern Scotland, and is staying very quiet. The Scottish National Party rolls around like a drunk who has won a bar fight. Its politicians and its claque of Twitter trolls celebrate their power to bully and tell direct lies about the journalist they have humiliated. The BBC endorses them. The National Union of Journalists supports them. Everyone behaves as if they are living in a one-party state.

The Leftist historians voting Thatcher our worst prime minister profane their profession

Margaret Thatcher was the worst Prime Minister in the last 100 years. Says who? A preposterous outfit calling itself the Historical Writers’ Association have polled their members – few of whom are exactly household names, perhaps even in their own households – ahead of this month’s Harrogate History Festival, and the majority of those polled – 24 per cent of them – have decided that Britain’s first woman PM was also our worst, narrowly beating David Cameron (22 per cent) into second place, with Neville Chamberlain coming third (17 per cent).


Sympathy for Hammond

In the wake of May’s remarks about “the good that government can do”, his presence at the Treasury helps to reassure business that Britain will remain an open economy.

Free trade deals

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