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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


This is the Tory moment. Will Cameron blow it?

Conference is a chance for the Conservatives to reach out to the nation. The prime minister’s legacy is at stake

In need of a perfect conference speech, David Cameron? Here’s the recipe

Writing a leader’s speech isn’t easy, but there are some basic rules to make it breezy. And remember: if it rhymes, it chimes

The bursary scheme will boost Conservative prospects in target seats

Many young candidates face serious financial hardship trying to campaign fulltime in marginal constituencies.

Uber is doing a terrific job – but it has to play by the rules

TfL is not trying to block a popular app – it just wants a level playing field for black cabs and minicabs


In memory of Denis Healey, saviour of the British economy

Denis Healey, who has died at the age of 98, never led the Labour Party – but it still owes as much to him as to any post-war politician. And not just because of his time at the Treasury. The statements released by Labour figures tonight scarcely do him justice.

Vladimir Putin can sense our weakness

We can’t just moan about Putin. He’s taking advantage of the West’s lack of action in Syria

On welfare and the NHS, the PM must act fast – and with unflinching resolve

With Labour in disarray, the Conservatives have a golden opportunity to push through the change this country really needs

Russia’s aircraft attacks on Syria might end as badly as the soviet involvement in Afghanistan

Let’s not settle for being the 37 per cent Party, but campaign to become the 44 per cent Party

This conference should be about much more than May’s victory, the next leader or even the Brexit debate. We need to carry on building a social justice conservatism.


Virtue without force in Syria is of no use to anyone

By refusing to flex his military muscle, Barack Obama makes America ineffectual on the world stage. There’s nothing moral about that

Boris in the wilderness

His leadership campaign is foundering while Osborne surges ahead


It’s George Osborne who will shape Tory prospects for 2020

Power is leeching from David Cameron, and the colder, more ruthless chancellor is in the spotlight

All of a sudden, George Osborne’s great EU gamble is not such a safe bet

Having staked his political future on leading the ‘in’ side of the referendum, the Chancellor will be looking for some wiggle room

Watch Nigel Lawson: he is a safer bet than Ukip for Eurosceptics

As more Britons back Brexit, there is the alarming prospect of our future being decided by the right

There must be something wrong with Jeremy Corbyn if he doesn’t want to cause a nuclear holocaust

It’s such a shame Labour didn’t elect somebody more moderate who would be willing to press the button, such as Kim Jong-un


Syria crisis: The road to peace means more war

Only by destroying Isis forces on the battlefield can there be a possible end to years of bloodshed

Why is the British Left so allergic to British patriotism?

Some British socialists are so allergic to their own country that they will take up the cause of republican bombers and jihadi murderers.

The UK recovery continues – with higher public spending, not austerity

The UK economy is now producing 6% more than at the peak in early 2008 before the crash. The USA is producing 10% more, the EU just 1% more and Japan has the same output as Quarter 1 2008.  The UK recovery has been a steady one since 2009. The last annual figure shows growth of 2.4% , after 2.9% for calendar 2014.


Cameron’s 24-point poll lead: Survey reveals 54 per cent think the Tory leader makes a better PM than Corbyn

Survey shows public believes David Cameron would be the better leader

Complacent Tories must not forget the Spending Review

The chaos theatre of Corbyn’s leadership may be making all the headlines now, but this autumn the Government will face fights over cuts.

“A kinder politics, a more caring society”

Labour’s slogan from yesterday is one Conservatives can welcome as well. What was odd about the conference was the statement that Labour will not now stoop to personal abuse, and will debate in a grown up way. This was juxtaposed in the same speech with old anti Conservative rhetoric that was harsh and untrue.

The new Labour leader is no great advocate of focus groups, but he might be interested in how he’s perceived on the economy and immigration

Who will dare to confront Corbyn’s Children?

Labour’s conference has seen a sinister tyranny emerging among the new leader’s supporters

There’s cause for optimism at party conference. The priority now for all must be to attack the Tories

The Saudi royal family is protecting VIPs while letting ordinary pilgrims die

Why don’t they spend some of their oil wealth on making the Hajj safe, rather than wasting it on a cruel and futile war in Yemen?

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