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USDailyReview is a new website with a unique angle: Personal. It does not mean that it won’t be analytical, factual, and authoritative, but what it does mean people are going to be able to express themselves in the blogging tradition. It will also have an “outside of the beltway” perspective since the writers will be from the nation’s heartland.

US Daily Review is a news site dedicated to combining some of the original values behind blogging with the need for authoritative information.  In the columns you will find articles on a diversity of topics and not just politics or the news. Although you will find plenty of articles devoted to analysis or fact, there will be plenty of passionate opinion.  We are also not afraid of personal opinion. In other words, we expect US Daily Review to be noted for its authenticity.

We have put together a core of strong writers that will commit themselves to fine columns regularly, but we will also have forum areas designed for people to simply speak out.

We are also not afraid of a diversity of opinion. Unlike many political websites that tend to be a rag for the left or the right, US Daily Review is looking for great writing from all ideological worldviews.

We will frequently showcase the most popular articles from the website on the Price of Business show on Salem Radio (http://PriceofBusiness.com).  We look forward to bringing you the best in content.  If you have suggested writers, or if you wish to suggest content, feel free to write us at info@usdailyreview.com.  Want more information, including how to be a writer, drop us a note! We would love to hear from you.

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.

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