What a New Poll Reveals About Trump Supporters

By Rad Campaign, Special for  USDR

A new poll released today by Rad Campaign and Lincoln Park Strategies reveals the strong political divide between Clinton and Trump supporters’ beliefs about the possibility for the U.S election to be rigged. The survey includes responses from a random sampling of 1,109 Americans over the age of  18.

Key findings  include:

  • 36% of Americans think that one party or candidate has the ability to rig the U.S presidential election.
  • Millennials are the most likely to say the presidential election can be rigged (40%).
  • 60% of Clinton voters believe registered voters will be denied the right to vote vs. 12% of Trump voters.
  • 74% of Trump voters believe voter fraud will happen vs. 17% of Clinton voters.
  • Millennials say voter suppression is more likely (45%) than voter fraud (33%) to occur.
  • Nearly half of Americans (48%) don’t think 3rd party voting will change anything, and think it might even help their least preferred candidate win.

“A person is more likely to be struck by lightning than for voter fraud to occur,” said Allyson Kapin, Cofounder of Rad Campaign. “Voter fraud rarely happens. There have only been a handful of verified cases of ineligible voters attempting to cheat the election  system.”

Donald Trump’s rhetoric around a ‘rigged’ election is not resonating with most Americans,” said Stefan Hankin, Founder of polling firm Lincoln Park Strategies. “However, it is certainly working with his supporters. The fact that two-thirds of them feel the election could be rigged does not bode well for our democracy or our  country.”

When asked the likelihood of methods that voter fraud may occur, Americans  said:

  • Undocumented immigrants voting?
    • 11% of Clinton voters
    • 55% of Trump voters
  • Dead people voting?
    • 9% of Clinton voters
    • 51% of Trump voters
  • Voting in multiple states?
    • 11% of Clinton voters
    • 37% of Trump voters
  • Voting more than once in the same state?
    • 9% of Clinton voters
    • 39% of Trump voters
  • Voting machines being rigged?
    • 7% of Clinton voters
    • 35% of Trump voters
  • Russia hacking the election and cyber-attacks?
    • 12% of Clinton voters
    • 11% of Trump voters

1,109 interviews were conducted from October 26-31, 2016 via internet survey. The Bayesian confidence interval for 1,000 interviews is 3.5, which is roughly equivalent to a margin of error of ±3.1 at the 95% confidence  level.

For more information, call Allyson Kapin at  202-290-2183.


Rad Campaign is a social change web agency that provides web development and researches trends on Internet culture. Lincoln Park Strategies is a full-service analytic research firm based in Washington,  DC.

SOURCE Rad  Campaign

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