What Are The Different Ways Investors Usually Buy Stocks Today?


Here in 2017, there is more than one way any investor can buy stocks and sell stocks. Each process has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Most people opt for an investment manager to handle their finances. It is indeed one of the smarter ways to induct yourself into the stock market if you have little idea about the way share markets and stock prices  work.

The worst kind of risk people take is when they buy stocks in a seller’s market. It happens when the stock buyers become greedy, and they end up buying stocks that are doing well. They end up buying stocks at their most expensive phase, and as the market calms down, it triggers fear. We have seen many investors share all their stocks when the share prices are low. It can lead to a financial coup that is unrecoverable. So no matter where you are buying the stocks and how you are buying them, you need to be aware of the basic concepts to manage your own  investments.

Buy them online

Buying stocks online is one of the friendliest of all processes. It also costs the least. You usually have to pay a flat fee that depends on a percentage of your stock purchase. It can be risky depending on the authenticity of the sites, encryption of the transaction process and it apparently gives little to no  advice!


Many full-service brokers offer complete information and recommendations at a fixed counselling fee. You should always compare and contrast their services and their prices before picking a service. It can be a costly option, but this minimises the risk  significantly.

Money manager

These are professionals, who always select and buy the company stocks for you. They usually charge about 1% to 2% of the entire investment portfolio. This process is also one of the quickest. The money manager can help you make the right decisions by providing all the information you need about the  shares.

Index fund

These are one of the cheapest and the safest ways to invest and profit. They track the stocks in an index, and there is no annual fee. Do note that it is impossible to lead the market since the fund tracks the market  directly.

Investment clubs

These clubs provide all the information an investor needs at a reasonable cost. It takes time, and it requires the expertise to invest in trending stocks through an investment  club.

Mutual funds and hedge funds are other ways to profit from stocks. New investors often prefer mutual funds since they are simpler and safer. Hedge funds use a complicated investment process known as derivatives. They are indeed very risky. People usually opt for them since they associate higher risks with higher  gains.

If you want to save money, you can choose to manage your own investments. That is more time consuming, but it does help you keep almost all of your proceeds since you do not have to pay the advisor’s  fees.

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