What are the Most Common Crimes in the US

Crime is unfortunately always, and will always be, commonplace. There are, however, certain crimes which are more prevalent than others in the US.

  • Burglary of a Property

This crime often sees no damage to a victim physically but can impact them mentally. Burglary involves the breaking and entering of a home or property in order to steal possessions. This could be simply for one expensive item, such as an electronic device, or burglars may seek to clean out an entire home. Protecting your property against burglary is paramount.

  • Street Theft or Mugging

This can often be opportunistic if a mugger is pacing the streets, or it can be carefully planned. It’s essential when navigating potential mugging spots to avoid presenting yourself as an easy target. Be sure to take extra precautions against pickpockets, especially in the case of backpacks, which may be easy to open.

  • Drug Abuse

Drug crimes come in many forms, including dealing, manufacturing, using and drug importation to the UK and other countries. Common drugs include opium, cocaine and marijuana. There are ways to clear your name if you have falsely been accused of being involved in drug importation.

  • The Theft of a Motor Vehicle

Vehicle theft can occur anywhere, at any time. Your vehicle could be targeted while parked outside your property, it may be targeted while parked in a public car park (especially during unsociable hours) or it may even be targeted on a whim if you leave your vehicle running and get out of the car.

This crime could also occur with any type of vehicle, whether car, van or motorcycle. Take precautions to protect your vehicle from theft, as well as for yourself, as you may be injured or assaulted during the attempt to steal your vehicle.

  • Arson

This is the intentional setting of a fire within a property. Arson can be committed on various scales and can happen to any property. It may be a serious intent to harm, such as causing a mass fire in a building, or it may be the setting of a small fire that may escalate.

It’s important to note that accidental fires do not count as arson. Therefore, authorities will need to deduce the cause of a fire to understand how it was caused, and whether it was caused intentionally.

It’s important to have any property, whether personal or business, insured to protect against fire damage should the worst occur.

  • Alcohol Abuse

This refers to any crime committed in the relation to alcohol, such as excessive drunken behaviour in public, crimes committed under the influence of alcohol, or alcohol-related law breaking such as drinking while under the legal age limit, or the selling of alcohol when you do not have a license to do so.

  • Driving Under the Influence

This can refer to any substance abuse including both alcohol and drugs. Driving under the influence means consciously taking a substance which will prevent the safe driving of a vehicle and willfully taking the journey regardless. Charges while driving under the influence of alcohol are very common and significantly dangerous due to the risk for accidents.

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