What are the Requirements of Anabolic Steroid Sales?


Medicines whether standard or high-end steroids have to be sold only with a valid doctor’s prescription.  If the pharmacist is found to sell a particular medicine without a prescription, the laws act fast, and the pharmacist may be punished for his act.  Sale of common drugs is okay.  But when it comes to sales of anabolic steroids a proper care has to be  taken.

Following are some of the requirements for anabolic steroids for  sale:

  • The manufacturer details have to be found out. A good manufacturer always possesses required a license to produce the medicines. When a store is approached for the purchase of medicine, the pharmacist at the store helps the person by guiding him with price and availability of the medicine.

  • A proper prescription has to be submitted to the pharmacy.  A pharmacist understands the doctor’s handwriting better than the user himself.  In case the medicine written by the doctor is not available, the pharmacist may give the medicine with same ingredients of another brand name.  The user when says orally may spell or mispronounce it resulting in wrong medicine. With the help of prescription and pharmacy bill, the pharmacist can be punished for giving wrong medicine whereas if there is no prescription, there is no hold on the pharmacist.

  • A drug store selling medicines should have no objection certificate from drug department.  One point should be kept in mind, a medication banned in a place may be allowed in another location.

  • When anabolic steroids are sold, the details like manufacturing date, expiry date have to be checked by the user.  Steroids itself damages the human body and if the steroid was given is not as per standards, then just imagine the condition of the patient taking that medicine.  The pharmacist, just to clear off his stock may try to persuade you to buy some pills, but ensure that only when there is a need, the steroid has to be taken and that too only on doctor’s advice.

  • Selling of medicines to a minor is punishable.

  • Medicines are to be sold at the MRP and anything sold above MRP is punishable.

  • Some malpractices are going on in this pharmacy field.  The old medicine stripes are neatly cleaned, and a new seal is printed on them by changing the expiry date, etc.  The user should check properly whether the medicine taken by him is right or not. A medicine taken after expiry date is always dangerous.

  • Online orders can be taken preferably from local persons so that the medicines can be efficiently delivered to their residence or the place mentioned in the order.

  • When the country has banned the certain drug, it is the duty of the pharmacy not to sell that particular drug even if the user insists.
  • When a drug is sold, the details of the user have to be collected by the store in charge.  In case of legal complication, the details can be given to the concerned authorities.

Hopefully, from the above-mentioned criteria, you have now understood about the requirements of anabolic steroids for sale. You can follow the upcoming blogs to know more about this  topic.

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