What Country Is Cheapest to Fly To?

By Sublime China, Special for  USDR

A recent study by kiwi.com looked at the aviation price index of the world’s 75 most frequently visited countries, and found that China is the cheapest country in the world for international flights. SublimeChina went further to show booking through Chinese flight booking sites presented travelers with additional savings on identical  flights.

The study shows that international flights from China on average are the cheapest of the world’s 75 most frequently visited countries at $1.22/100km for low-cost international flights and$2.84/100km for full-service international flights. Compared to the most expensive, which is Canada costing on average$43.70/100km for low-cost international flights and$94.66/100km for full-service international  flights.

China’s major cities are international transportation hubs to other major cities around the world and include many low-cost airlines that fly around Asia,” says Monica Guan, marketing representative for Sublime China “Not only does this give travelers more options, but allows China to offer cheaper flights because of the high  supply.”

Foreign travelers buying flights from China may not see as much savings as they should if they use Western flight booking website. Sublime China shows how using Chinese flight booking sites like Ctrip.com can save travelers more than 20% on identical flights. Monica goes on to explain “Many factors may cause this such as lower agency fees, commission charges, and the inclusion of low-cost local airlines in these websites.” For specific examples, visit: http://sublimechina.com/china-cheapest-country-world-fly-internationally/. Monica goes on to explain that this makes China the ideal destinations for travelers to begin their Asia  tour.

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