What Features Could We See in Vaping Technology in the Future?


E-cigs are full of different features these days, but despite the technology available, they’re still lacking behind other devices. Because these devices are so small, it’s hard for manufacturers to cater for a vape pen that’s rich in features, but as the industry becomes more popular and manufacturers need to become more competitive, it could only be a matter of time before we see some of the below features in e-cig  devices.

Automatic Filling  Features

It’s not too much hassle to manually fill e-cigs with your favorite flavors these days, but as technology tries to implement new ways to make things easier, we could soon see the first automatic e-cig filling station. When it comes to ordinary “roll-up” cigarettes, smokers already have a station where they can automatically roll their cigarettes, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see an automatic liquid filling feature in the future. The station itself could be a similar product to an iPhone charging dock, and it could be filled with multiple liquids from Auster, depending on the taste of the  consumer.

Handset Capability  Features

Even our home security can be controlled from anywhere via a handset device these days, so what’s stopping us from doing the same with our e-cigs? Vape technology still needs to come a long way yet, but there’s no reason why e-cigs won’t soon be compatible with our latest handsets. Of course, we’re not sure what sort of features would help with the introduction of handset compatibility, but an automatic filling feature, so it fills the e-cig ready to be used for when consumers need it, would be  handy.

Energy-Saving  Features?

Charging e-cigs doesn’t necessarily use a lot of electricity, but they still consume energy over the course of a few years. So, why shouldn’t e-cigs eventually become more energy efficient? If we’re already using the wind to produce energy, why can’t we use the same technology on a much lower scale to help energize vape pens? By inhaling vapor, isn’t there some way to introduce a similar wind turbine within the device to power the device without needing to charge it. Of course, such a feature may not be a viable option and e-cig manufacturers may face the problem of working with such a small device, but never say  never.

Alarm  Features

Many people contact the relevant emergency services using their own handheld devices, but if they’ve got their e-cig handy instead of their smartphone at the time, why not implement alarm features to contact the emergency services with a click of a button? Obviously, certain security features will need to be added to ensure this works, but it could be a feature that saves lots of  lives.

To some consumers, the above features might sound silly or pointless. But, the fact is, technology always advances and it could be used to improve vaping technology in the future by implementing the above or similar features. Who knows, this time next year, we could have our first automatic liquid filling, energy saving, handset compatible e-cig available on the  market.

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