What is Bluetooth 5? It’s Way Better!


You may be asking yourself what is the difference between Bluetooth 5 and previous versions of it like Bluetooth  4.2?

There are very big differences and it should be exciting, even if you don’t know much about Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5 is the leader of the previous version Bluetooth  4.2.

Bluetooth 5. doesn’t have the point ex-number notation. It’s just Bluetooth 5 instead of Bluetooth 5.0. Numeration is simplified unlike in the case of the previous version. It should be easier to follow from now  on.

Technical novelties are much better. Bluetooth 5 will have twice more Bandwidth than Bluetooth 4.2. Before it was 1Mbps Bandwidth, now it’s 2 Mbps. It’s still not a lot. Probably you expected it to be much more, especially in comparison with other technologies  improvement.

Not only the Bandwidth has increased also the range has increased. Bluetooth 5 has four times the range of the Bluetooth 4.2. One of the reasons why Bluetooth 5 has improved range is because it has better interference  handling.

Also, it’s going to use the technique called Forward Error Correction, which is the type of error correction that deals with interference and wireless signals. And the idea is to use redundancy, so perhaps if it sends a little bit of signal and it’s a little bit corrupted, something else will come along with it that will be able to repair the signal on the other  side.

The most exciting change is that Bluetooth 5 has eight times more capacity for broadcast messages. The broadcast message is the type of message sent from a connectionless Bluetooth  device.

Bluetooth itself told that Bluetooth 5 is going to redefine the way Bluetooth  devices
send information. As craps game keeps developing, Bluetooth technology also didn’t stop working. This means that basic Bluetooth technology is going to change from direct connection to Broadcast  messaging.

Other interesting features are called beacon functions, which are very interesting but also a double-edged sword. So the idea of this is that you have a beacon device, which kind of seats there and broadcasting messages and doesn’t expect to have anything connected to it except proximity  based.

So, if you have a device that has or supports these beacons enabled, then when you walk by it in a certain range, it will carry out an operation. Maybe it will send a push notification to your phone. Or you can have these beacon devices around your house and you can have indoor GPS devices and based on the strength of these different beacons, you can literally pinpoint where devices are in your  house.

Based on all this, it kind of make sense that Bluetooth said that they want to focus on the IoT internal things so Bluetooth can now be used more between smart devices instead of just your phone or devices one to  one.

Revolution in functioning, Bluetooth is happening right  now.

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