What is PETA’s Obsession with Nudity?

By April Dye, Contributor to US Daily Review.

Okay, recently on the nightly news was a story about two college age girls stripped down and taking a “shower” for PETA, tagline “Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegan!”

First off, most of these types of stories just roll off my back.  Honestly, I think they are just ridiculous.  But this is the second time this year that PETA protesters have decided to take to the streets doing things that are a bit provocative and well, really just stupid.

The first time, they had – again – two college age girls dressed in string bikinis laying on a bed on a street corner downtown.  As the crowd – of mainly men – grew; the girls began kissing each other.  This is two girls being erotic in a public setting to protest people eating meat.  What does half naked girls have to do with not eating meat?  What does two girls kissing each other have to do with not eating meat?

The second time, we have the apparently naked girls taking a shower.  Many in the town were disturbed with this on two accounts.  The first, we are in a drought and they are wasting water and two again we have a public display of nudity/sex.  In our community a few years ago, Chippendale’s came – I did not go as I don’t find that kind of entertainment well…entertaining.  However, the dancers were given tickets for indecency in a public setting.  Really?

Why is it okay for college age women to engage in sexual displays and nudity in public where children could walk by and see this nonsense?  Why is PETA using this method – and they have for years – to try and get the public to quit eating meat?  Yes, it gets them attention but does anyone actually quit eating meat or even think about it?

Someone is making money here and for what purpose?  Are they actually helping the animals they care so much about or are they just making a name for themselves?

What is really sad is that it was so easy for these girls to strip down to nothing, and one day they are going to wake up and say to themselves “what was I thinking?”  At least I hope they do.

April Dye is a wife and mother of two. She loves to read, watch movies and television, study the Bible, hang out with family and her job. You can follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/AprilVestalDye and on her blog at clardye.blogspot.com.

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