What is Your Legacy?

By Robb Lucy, Special for  USDR

Now that President Obama has left the White House, numerous articles have been written speculating on what his legacy will be. While it is too soon to know how history will judge Obama’s eight years in office or what he will do in the coming years, millions of Americans are watching his transition to ordinary citizen with great  interest.

As President’s Day approaches, Obama’s story is sparking discussions about what it means to make a difference and leave a legacy. So says Robb Lucy, known as The Legacy Coach, the author of the new book, How Will You Be Remembered?: A Guide to Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now (Engage Communications – Feb. 2).

Lucy learned throughout his career that “the happiest, most fulfilled people are those who use their ‘signature strengths’ to create legacies that connect them to others, positively affect lives now… and will continue to do that when they’re  gone.”

A former journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and an experienced storyteller, Lucy can answer such questions  as:

  • Do you have to be famous to leave a legacy?
  • When it comes to legacies, what advantages do ordinary people have over presidents?
  • What are the three biggest myths about legacies?
  • What does it mean to live your legacy as opposed to just leaving one?

CREDENTIALS:  A retired journalist, writer, and producer, Robb Lucyis the author of the new book, How Will You Be Remembered?: A Guide to Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now. This book demonstrates how to make legacy building fun and fulfilling during one’s lifetime. Lucy spent six years working for the CBC before forming his own company to produce mixed media for corporations and governments around the world. He has devoted a quarter of a century to serving on local, national and international boards of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and continues to help develop nonprofits promoting literacy, sports history, and prostate cancer awareness. Lucy developed a continuing education course entitled “Sharing Your Legacy with Digital Storytelling” that is taught at Simon Fraser University in British  Columbia.

SOURCE Robb  Lucy

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