What Made Mobiles the Perfect Casino Platform?

As one of the most accessible and flexible forms of gaming available in the 21st century, online casinos allow play from a great many different devices and locations. This has allowed the success of this sector on a level that few parts of the gaming industry will ever enjoy, with popularity still growing by the day. So, what exactly is it that has pushed the mobile platform forward so far in recent years, and why do many users consider playing on smartphones the perfect experience? We take a look.

Convenience and Ubiquity

Perhaps the largest contributor to mobile casino’s popularity is external, coming from the greater evolution of the smartphone sector. While mobile phones used to be simple niche tools and communication devices, modern mobiles are akin to all-in-one computers and capable of feats which, just a few short decades ago, used to be more science fiction than science fact.

In America alone, around 81% of adults own and use a smartphone daily. In fact, according to this study by Broadband Search, many users are now turning to mobiles as their primary means of internet access. This is hardly a new development either, as reports state that the adoption of mobiles as the more popular internet systems occurred sometime in mid-2016.

As a widespread platform offering internet connectivity from nearly anywhere, it’s perhaps unsurprising that casino developers would spend increasing time focusing on the mobile experience. People are busy, and they need mobile solutions for work and entertainment, so mobile casinos, like many other brands, have risen to fill their corner market.

Device Parity

The other major contributor which makes online casinos so popular comes from the idea of device parity. This means that, despite being a very different platform than PC and laptops, mobiles still offer a comparable or identical experience. This is much different than conventional forms of digital gaming, which have largely ignored mobile parity.

For example, consider or try the online betting games from Paddy Power. There is an enormous range of games on offer from this website, from stalwarts like roulette and blackjack to instant-win scratch games, and hundreds of different slots, just for a start. Regardless of which devices you start on and then move to, practically everything will operate fundamentally the same, so players know exactly what they’re getting, and don’t have to miss out.

In many cases, casino websites can take this one step further, with their games and pages translating to mobile screens and input for even greater ease of access. This attention, combined with the relative simplicity in how mobile casino websites and their games operate, means that many of the inherent limitations which appear when designing for mobiles can be mitigated, or avoided entirely.

When you combine the different elements, the bigger picture painted is that online casinos success on mobiles has been born from both deliberate dedication to the platform and the inherent advantages of smartphones. While the path forward might not yet be settled, the current trajectory of the online betting industry means that we wouldn’t be surprised to see mobiles increasingly used as the target platform going forward.

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