Where Are The Best Places To Play Games Online?

It’s times like these that online games can provide some much-needed fun and respite from the real world.


Whether you’re currently self-isolating at home to prevent the spread of the well-documented Coronavirus pandemic and you’re bored and stressed, or you’re reading this from a lighter, brighter future and you simply want some decent online games to play in the evenings, we’ve got you covered.


In the post below, we’ll be looking at five of the best places that you can go to play games online — so whether you’re young or old, enjoy card games or computer games, we’ve got you covered.


Read on for some of the best online game destinations out there:

1.  Online Casinos

There are tons of different online casinos to visit where you can play games online, including Bet365, 888 Casino, and Roxy Palace Casino.

If you’re into your online casino, card and gambling games, then you’ll definitely want to head to Online Casinos first.

This handy website has plenty of information on the best games and casinos available online, offering helpful reviews and ratings on the games available to you. It’s a good idea, because there is so much out there now for people that do want to play online casino games, and it can be difficult deciding which sites to use.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, you want to play classic casino games like poker or blackjack, so you want to try something more unusual like virtual horse racing or slot machines, then Online Casinos has got you covered.

2.  MSN Games

MSN Games has been around since the mid nineties, and there’s a reason it’s still going strong and still relevant after all these years.

MSN Games offers some of the best free games that the web has to offer — including puzzles, word and trivia, multiplayer card and board games, action and arcade games, and poker.

There are plenty of games that you can play on your own (Bejeweled, Solitaire and Jigsaw to name a few), but there are all many that you can play against other real people too. So, if you’re feeling lonely, you can log in and play users from all over the world, bonding (or bickering) over games and results.

3.  Addicting Games

If you’ve played flames online before, you’ll almost definitely have heard of the wildly popular Addicting Games.

The largest online games site in the US, Addicting Games is visited by 10 million unique users each month, and has one of the biggest ranges of free online games (the site boasts nearly 5,000 options).

You can pick from a whole variety of different genres, including action games, puzzles, card games, sports games, car games and even zombie games! So rest assured, there’s something for everyone on this site. And if you’re not sure where to start, you can always follow other players’ leads and take your pick from the “what’s hot” to play popular or trending games first.

4.  Kongregate

Kongregate is another great place to head to play games online. In fact, the site isn’t just your average games website — it prides itself on supporting game developers while growing a rich and connected community.

Kongregate is a leading mobile & PC game developer, and the quality of the website’s top games are impressive, providing high-quality and unique options for players.

The range of online games is pretty impressive too — new games get added to Kongregate all of the time, adding to the multiplayer, action, music, racing and strategy games already available (to name but a few categories).

Kongregate is definitely a website worth signing up to if you enjoy your online games, as it does have a community feel; as well as participating in multiplayer games, you can collect badges and achievements for other players to admire, and join game chat rooms and forums where you can talk to other users.

5.  Lumosity

Online games aren’t just good for having fun and passing the time; they can also help to keep you mentally agile.

It’s important to keep your mind sharp — especially if you’re missing out on social interaction and your normal hobbies for a while — and sites like Lumosity are perfect for that.

Lumosity is one of the most popular mental fitness and brain training apps available online, providing scientifically-validated tasks and turning them into fun games (and providing you with insights and feedback along the way).

You can use it everyday and enjoy fresh games that will challenge your mind and target the skills that you find most important (like memory or problem-solving), while still feeling like fun.

Lumosity does offer a free subscription — on which you can enjoy three games a day and track your results — or you can sign up to a paid plan for a full range of games and brain-boosting tips.

Netflix and social media scrolling aren’t your only options when you’re trying to have fun and de-stress on your own — online games can provide the perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself. So the next time you’re thinking about playing games online, head to one of the above destinations for some great — and varied — gaming options.



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