Where to Watch Rocket League Esports?

Rocket League is considered as one of the best eSports games to play and watch. It offers quite an easy way to understand and offers fast-paced gameplay that you don’t require any in-depth research or technical knowledge to appreciate the complex competition on-screen or define what’s is happening around and to your buddies. In short, there are a dozen entertaining tournaments to watch on the websites. The developer of Rocket League and third-party websites host tournaments throughout the year and live-stream the action of the game via streaming websites, such as:

  1. YouTube
  2. Twitch
  3. TV

Here’s a guide that will help fans and newcomers in finding the best sources to see the action-packed Rocket League Esports matches.

Watch Rocket League Esports Matches Online

Similar to other eSports, one of the best way to watch Rocket League pro gaming tournaments is through live-streaming websites, names are mentioned above. These sites are specially crafted for live-streaming, and you can watch live stream matches of different games, including Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League, League of Legends, and more. Live-streaming as a medium isn’t exclusive to eSports, but its massive success in last few years surely owes lots of competitive gaming. The live-streaming seems like an official video once the event is ended; it means you can access it later if you can’t able to watch it due to some reason or while it’s running.

Rocket League is a Sports video game with an emphasis on the racing genre, offering a new style of gameplay. You can partake in 1v1 to 4v4 matches to show off your soccer abilities. The aim is simple: just score the goals high than the competitors and dominate the game to win. While playing the game, you can buy Rocket League Items, such as Rocket League keys and even Rocket League boosts for that extra fancy appearance during your performance and strike in mid-air to hit the ball to goal.

The following sites are best source to watch Rocket League Championship Series and other Tournament events in 2019


For semi-exclusive broadcasting rights, the developer of Rocket League has teamed up with Twitch, and as a result, the majority of Rocket League Championship matches are only watchable on Twitch.tv channel, later uploaded to YouTube. Currently, the official channel of Rocket League has over 1 Million followers and more than 350 videos available on Twitch. The site is fully loaded with loads of prominent features such as online chat, tons of events, HD streams, competitive scene, and more.


The developer, Psyonix, runs an official channel on YouTube where footages of past events are uploaded for audience to see across mobile devices and desktop. While it’s not used for live-streaming, but it has an option for people to catch past matches, because YouTube playlist feature makes it smooth as compared to Twitch.

How Many People Watch Rocket League Championship Events?

Although Rocket League isn’t so prevalent like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or PUBG, but its mainstream popularity shouldn’t be regretted. Many people are diehard fans of this game and especially getting online to watch its live streaming.

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