Who Spends the Most on Valentine’s Day?


Rakuten, one of the world’s largest online retail marketplaces, today reveals the results of its Rakuten Shopping Secrets survey ahead of Valentine’s Day. The study, conducted with consumers over seven markets, shows that American men will spend more on Valentine’s Day than women, with men spending an average of $104, compared to $45 by  women.

The survey also revealed that Americans will spend more on their fiancés than their spouses for Valentine’s Day, spending an average of $154 on fiancés compared to $136 for spouses. While girlfriends and boyfriends come in third place, with the average spend $118. Interestingly the next highest spending category was bosses, with respondents admitting they would spend $89 on their boss. Men would again spend more than women, at $96 versus  $53.

Perfect Gift  Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, the survey revealed some interesting tips. For men, top gift requests  included:

  • 38% said a kiss, a hug or something  more
  • 28% would prefer chocolates, wine or  food
  • 24% don’t want a gift, just more of your time (compared to 20% of  women)

Women are a little more focused on gifts as their top  choices:

  • 45% would prefer chocolates, wine or  food
  • 40% shared the desire for a kiss, a hug or something  more
  • 36% would like flowers or a soft  toy
  • 31% preferred  jewelry

Trends around the world were similar, with a few interesting insights surprises — Indonesians are potentially the most loved-up group with 51% saying they would prefer a kiss, a hug or something more. The Taiwanese favor tech more than any other country, with 26% saying they would like to receive a smart  device.

Lonely this Valentine’s  Day

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone with 58% of respondents admitting they were single. Over half (56%) of respondents were not expecting to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with only 33% expecting to receive a gift this Valentine’s Day. Germany appears to be the least loved-up country, with only 18% of respondents expecting to  celebrate.

Getting Over a Bad  Breakup

Over two thirds, 68% of respondents admitted to having had a bad breakup, with 38% admitting they would rather shop online rather than offline the first month after a breakup. When asked why, 55% of Americans said they don’t want to interact with people, 48% want more privacy and 16% fear they will bump into their ex. Respondents in the UK are most likely to hide away the first month after a breakup, with 45% saying they would prefer to shop online, compared to 32% in Singapore and 26% in  Spain.

“American men have defied conventional perception by not only being romantic with their actions, but also with their wallets,” said George Chang, Senior Vice President, Rakuten.com. “If you’re looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, or just want to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, we’ve pulled together some great deals which you’ll find in our  Valentine’s Store.”

Best Breakup  Therapies

If you are getting over a recent breakup and need some advice on the best therapy, the survey revealed some top tips. Over half (54%) cited talking to close friends as their top choice. Over a third (39%) opted for comfort food (including chocolates, fast food and snacks) and a third (27%) said would become a coach potato and watch TV. Shopping was also a top trend at 24% and 16% would get back out there and flirt with someone  else.

About the  Survey

The findings are part of the Rakuten Shopping Secrets survey, commissioned by Rakuten, one of the world’s largest online retail marketplaces. The survey aims to uncover fun facts about shopping — the world’s favorite pastime — among consumers in Asia, Europe and America. In the U.S. 1,000 men and women were interviewed through an online survey carried out in October 2014 by Added Value Saffron  Hill.

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