Who Win’s The NBA This Year?

With us finally getting down to the business end of the season, we nearly have our final four teams in what is going to be a mouth-watering semi-final line up. With just one final game to allow us to see what the final four will look like, we will assess the likelihood of each contenders for the NBA Championship 2020.

The final game in which we are talking about is that of the Los Angeles Clippers taking on the Denver Nuggets which is a crunch match as the series is currently 3-3 with the winner of the game on Tuesday taking the final semi-final spot. Clippers are of course heavy favourites going into this bout, with them being placed odds on at 4/11 to win this bout and 1/100 top win the series against them, you’d have thought it would be tournament favourites to head into the semis. However, the Nuggets have won the past two games and have started to build a bit of momentum right at the right time – could they cause a massive upset as they are currently as high as 22/1 to win the Championship outright.

Whoever does prevail into the next round, they will be facing the now favourites for the tournament of the Los Angeles Lakers who are best priced at 13/10. This isn’t a surprise either with the form that Lebron James and Anthony Davis who are scoring 26.6 and 27.6 on average per game that in our eyes is going to fire themselves to the Championship. Even if they do have to face arch-enemies Clippers in the fire, due to their falters in the quarters, we do believe the Lakers will be too strong for them.

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In the other semi-final, Miami Heat take on the Boston Celtics which starts on Tuesday night also which is a very good clash for the neutral with no clear favourite on who is going to in the tie. Heat are priced at 13/12 with the Celtics being slight favourite at 16/19 due to their slightly better record in pre play offs. 

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