Who Would You Pick, Obama or Derek Jeter?

By Wayne Allyn Root, Special for USDR

Jeter’s 5 world championships, 200 record-setting postseason hits, and the streak of 20 straight years of being a winner in virtually every game he played in…



Has America been a champion in anything, on any day in past 6 years of Obama’s presidency?

Has our economy been a winner in any category for 6 straight years?

Have we been a leader in middle class job creation in any day in 6 straight years (as opposed to the few crappy low-wage, part-time jobs created)?

Has there been a day that middle class Americans are better under Obama than before?

Have we been a world leader on any day in past 6 years-respected, feared, considered a role model or moral beacon?

Do we feel like world champions? Does Obama make us feel as if anything is possible?

Name the category. I dare my liberal friends. I double dare you. Of course all Kool Aid-drinking Democrats will immediately recite one answer- the stock market.

That’s it. That’s all Obama’s got. In six long years the stock market is the only thing Obama can claim as a winner.

Except it’s not true. It took almost $8 trillion in new debt to make the stock market go up. That’s the most debt in world history. That’s just about double the debt added by George W. Bush. That’s more debt by the time he leaves office than all previous presidents combined.

All that fake money printing has to be paid back….by our children and grandchildren. The rising stock market was all a mirage. All achieved by “cooking the books.” Take away almost $8 trillion in debt…and trillions printed by the Fed and sprinkled over Wall Street…and the stock market would never have gone up. We’d have been in an Obama Great Depression. Instead it was all covered up by fake money printing and deficit spending with money we didn’t have.

Now we are left with $8 trillion in new debt to pay back. It was like using a credit card to buy $100,000 in toys. But now you’re broke, jobless and owe back $100,000 at 18% interest rates. It was all short term instant gratification. Everything you bought will be confiscated by your creditors. The party is over.

Obama created Reagan’s “peace dividend” in reverse. Reagan spent billions on national defense and military buildup to bankrupt the evil Soviet Empire and end the threat of Cold War. As a result, we enjoyed 20 consecutive years of his “peace dividend”- thereby allowing Bill Clinton to reduce military spending and take credit for success and prosperity. Reagan set the stage for years of success. That’s leadership.

Obama has done the reverse. He has spent trillions of dollars to make himself look good, while the next guy holds the bag. He turned the stock market into a rigged craps game, thereby enriching his biggest donors (billionaires and unions) and pension funds- who in turn dipped into this piggy bank to fund Obama’s re-election. Obama took credit but the middle class is stuck with the bill. Quite a Ponzi scheme.

Obama’s actions will destroy our children’s and grandchildren’s quality of living. His debt will destroy the American Dream. This is “the murder of the middle class.” Obama’s legacy is the opposite of Jeter’s (or Reagan’s). Obama has left destruction, debt, failure and misery in his wake.

Derek Jeter defines a leader, winner, champion and role model. There isn’t an owner in all of sports, anywhere in the world who wouldn’t build a team around Derek Jeter. He is everyone’s first pick.

Would any owner build a team around Obama? Make him “The Captain?” Keep him as manager after six straight losing seasons?

Barack Obama was my college classmate (Columbia University Class of ’83). One thing I can tell you:

Barack Obama is no Derek Jeter.

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