Who’s Killing Who in the U.S.?

By Joe Messina, Special for  USDR

Remember when your parents told you to believe half of what you see and almost none of what you  hear?

I think of that every time I see a Tweet or Facebook post from people I know never check out their information. These erroneous “posts” get traction mostly because they are received by friends and family who think you would never send them something that wasn’t true. Many have been bitten, including me, because we don’t take time to check it out. Yet it seems when it comes to political issues, especially, we never, ever, ever want to challenge loved ones. Well, it’s time to  start!
This week a Tweet floated by asking the question, “What is it with white men in society? Why are so many killing American Muslims, women, blacks and children?” This from a person who has worked in the media and claims that they only speak the truth, but people like me on the Right are  wacked!

Low IQ voters and those with the victim mentality eat posts like this up. But it’s all wrong. I didn’t go to any Right-wing sites or Left-wing sites. I went to those highly partisan sites known as the FBI (for crime stats) and the DOJ (for crime  reports).

Let’s look at a  few:

2012 DOJ – The percentages of black adults and white adults arrested for murder were similar, with 49.3 percent being black and 48.3 percent being  white.

2012 Black juveniles accounted for 51.5 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes. White juveniles accounted for 61.6 percent of all juveniles arrested for property  crimes.

Doesn’t look like a wide margin to  me!

AS I looked for the numbers I found a little known fact. The DOJ combines Hispanic and white in many statistics. Why? They really can’t get percentages on Hispanics because they can’t get an actual count on  them.

According to a 2009 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, in 2007 Latinos “accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders.” This was an increase from 24% in 1991. 72% of the Latino offenders were not U.S. citizens. For Hispanic offenders sentenced in federal courts, 48% were immigration offenses and 37% drug  offenses.

According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites at 45.3% and “Other” at 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites (per 100,000), and the victim rate 6 times higher (per 100,000). Most murders were not interracial, with 84% of white homicide victims murdered by whites, and 93% of black victims murdered by blacks. I couldn’t find anything saying that most crimes committed by whites were against the various parties stated in the false  tweet.

According to the Human rights commission, World Health Organization and the Human Rights Watch over 5000 honor killings are committed every year and many of them by the fathers, brothers, and uncles of Muslim women. That means Muslim men are killing Muslim women. Here it is America, you can’t find any stats on white men killing Muslims, oh, except the 3 that were killed by a nut a week or so ago. There were 93 honor killings in America, by family members over the past few years. None of them were those pasty white guys looking to kill Muslim  women!

On black crime, the FBI stats don’t play out to the Left’s lies. FBI Stats indicate that blacks are more likely to commit hate crimes than any other race. According to downtrend.com we are told that’s because blacks are incarcerated at a disproportionate rate compared to their population that the criminal justice system is  racist.

We are also told that because blacks are suspended from school at a disproportionate rate compared to their population that the education system is racist. Well, what are we to make of this? The facts show that blacks commit hate crimes at a disproportionate rate to their  population.

The FBI just released the latest hate crime statistics and it doesn’t look good for the black community, which is portrayed as America’s biggest victim. In 2013, 24.3% of all hate crime offenders were black. According to the last census, blacks make up 12.6% of the population. That means that blacks commit hate crimes at nearly double the rate of their population  percentage.

Now let’s compare that to whites. The FBI reports that 52.4% of hate crime offenders were white. Keep in mind that the FBI considers Hispanics as whites so the percentage of actual white hate crime offenders is likely much lower. In any case, non-Hispanic whites make up 63.7% of the US population. Throw in the Hispanics and it’s 72.4%. Either way, whites commit hates crimes at a rate lower than their population  percentage.

The point of all this is not to attack any particular group. It is to simply point out that I’m tired of lazy hateful people who simply Tweet and post “supposed facts labelled as truth” and then hide in cyberspace. Do your own homework. Let’s act on true information, then we can fix the problems in society  today.

Pay Attention  America!

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