Why Does Your Business Need Professional Valet Parking?

Have you ever been to a high fashion designer store, where people take charge of your comfort as soon as you pull up in front of the store? Right from finding a parking spot to delivering your ride at the doorstep as you step outside the store with too many bags for two hands these businesses think about everything that can make a customer’s experience more pleasurable. That is the purpose of a valet service. It enriches the customer experience for companies beyond the usual sales, discounts, and services. If you have an exclusive storefront, there is no reason you should not think about valet parking  services.

You need to keep in mind that most individuals have already used valet parking service at least once in their lifetime. So, finding the pleasures of handing over the responsibility of car parking before shopping will attract a higher number of people to the store. Almost 40% of US adults dread going shopping with their family because of the parking problems that come before the shopping experience. If you can give them a way to skip this nightmare, they will find more reason to be dedicated shoppers of your  products.

Even now, if you wonder why you need valet services, we will give you four reasons you cannot  deny –

  1. Everyone else is doing it – We know this reason was never good enough for your parents when you wanted to go to a pool party or go to Cabot during spring, but it is good enough for all businesses operating right now. If you live in a commercial neighborhood that has several other similar brands offering professional parking services, you need to think about it as well. You do not want to lose your customers to your competitors. You do not want to be that one business who does not offer convenience to their customers.

  1. Do you have competitive parking – how many parking spaces are there around your shop? Is there a stiff competition between customers of several businesses to get the parking at any time of the day? Do your customers face parking tickets due to the lack of space? Well, if the answer to all these questions is a “yes,” then you need to reconsider your parking priorities.

  • Is there a lack of safety of parked vehicles – when a store is in a shifty area of the town or even in the borderline people do not like to park in the open spaces for fear of theft. Valet parking offers security beyond all possible paid parking facilities.

  1. In need of a new USP – sometimes business USPs need not be their products. You can offer higher quality services by opting for professional parking. Eliminating the requirement of finding a paid legal parking spot can become the unique proposal of your storefront that you can promote through print and digital media ads.

Chauffeur services are a trend of the past. Now no car owner wants to go shopping unless they can step out of their cars and step into the stores. Valet services can turn the fate of any business around by giving car owners an option to skip the hard  part.

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