Why Fight for America

by Candace Salima, Senior Contributor at US Daily Review

I was asked an interesting question this week: “Candace, why do you fight so hard for America? What are you trying to accomplish?”

I paused just for a moment to marshal my thoughts, for a flood of information poured into my brain. But it boiled down to this, to protect American exceptionalism. I could see puzzlement, so I expounded on the matter. American exceptionalism is unique to this nation. Oh yes, there are amazing people in other nations, no question. But only in America can you fight, fail, get up and fight again, fail again, get up and fight and repeat until you succeed. Only in America can you get the bright idea to begin a business and in a matter of hours have it legally taken care of and on your way. There is no government agency or thug telling you that you cannot start that business. We are definitely overburdened with regulation and taxes, but this is part of why I fight so hard, to return to that time where entrepreneurs began businesses in their garages only to emerge a decade or two later as a world leader in that industry.

In other nations you must retire at a certain age and are forced to live off the government and that’s the end of it. But not in America. In America you can be any age, pick up a squeegee and a bucket and parlay that into a multi-thousand dollar a month business. This is one of the unique things in America I fight to protect.

In America there is no government agency taking you from your family when you are a toddler and forcing you into training and eventually working you into the job they have chosen for you. Here, children can be children, and when they grow older they can become whatever they want as long as plan it out, accept trials, tribulations and failures and fight until they’ve accomplished that goal.

It doesn’t matter if your interests are in farming, ranching, medicine, science, pharmacology, teaching, mechanical, engineering, etc. Here in America, the American spirit fights for that dream and keeps on fighting until they’ve changed the world. And in America we fight for your right to reach the stars, as well as for the right to sit on your porch in the evenings and simply be happy.

As a quick example, let’s look at Common Core. On its surface it appears to be nothing more than a foundation for education across the nation. When you see what’s coming into the work force and the self-entitled attitude pervasive in America’s youth, I can see why people were trying to come up with an answer, but Common Core is not it. When you dig deeper you find out about the tests on educational levels as well as psychological, sexual, and emotional levels. And that’s when you find out the results of those tests are being dumped into a federal database, which is very bad. You find out how the curriculum has been changed for the worse in the promotion of homosexuality (why is sexuality toward any lifestyle being promoted at school), communism, hatred simply for the sake of skin color, rewriting of history, confusing of basic mathematical principles, and anti-American text is being taught. Children are being taught to be ashamed of America and that America is a bad place responsible for the ills of the world. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it is what is being taught. There are definitely some schools not doing this, but the reports are pouring into me from all across the nation of school districts implementing these very messages.

And most of all, I fight for the sacredness of the family unit. For I strongly believe that a nation’s economic and national health relies on the health of the traditional family unit: Father, Mother and children. If the family fails, so too will the nation. I can’t say how many times I have spoken or written about the simple things families can do to strengthen their bonds, but I know I can’t say it enough because we still have an alarmingly high rate of unwed mothers, deadbeat fathers, and grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Simply put, here are the four things families can do: Work together; Pray together; Learn Goodness together; and Read Good Books together. It is a promise I give to every parents, do these things daily and the bonds built within your family will be unassailable.

So this is why I keep fighting for America: To educate, to protect, to preserve and to pass a strong and free America on to the next generation. We are supposed to be that ensign to the nations of freedom and liberty, if we lose those sacred gifts now, there is nowhere else on earth to turn.

Candace E. Salima is an author, columnist, public speaker and political activist. A frequent radio guest on shows around the nation, she is valued for her viewpoint on a variety of subjects, particularly politics. Follow Candace on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Learn more about her on www.candacesalima.com.

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