Why the Holiday Season is the Pefect Time for Guest Posting

Well, it is that time of the year again — the whole holiday season.  It is typically a whirlwind.  Many businesses often slow down, give themselves a break for the rush, and in many cases — largely put things on hold until after the new year.  This mentality is common because many people think that customers and potential clients are largely out of pocket right now and many do not want to be sold this time of year (unless it is the latest gadget every husband or wife wants or the hottest toy every kid is dreaming about).  The reality is actually much different.

Between late November until early January, many take several days off.  Business owners, sales executives, and others in management are often looking for things to do because it often is so hard to get interest from clients for purchases or deals.  As a result:

  • They spend a significant amount of time doing an inventory of their year.  This makes them self reflective and interested at looking at ways to improve themselves and their business.
  • They spend a lot of time online:
    • Considering the best practices of 2018 in order to get ready for a new year
    • Research the technology they should consider for improving their business or life
    • Reevaluating their self care — how they eat, exercise, and other items on how to feel and look better
    • Seek opinions from attorneys, accountants, and other professionals about changes in the law that might affect how their business functions, what a divorce is like in a certain part of the country, how the 2018 tax cuts will impact their 2019 taxes, etc.
    • Look for advice from medical professionals to consider more seriously that long interest in plastic surgery, maybe that eye procedure to get rid of glasses, or look at the many new advances in dealing with snoring
    • Seek out information from a business or career coach to make 2019 the best year ever, professionally
    • Get insight from life coaches that can help develop personal happiness or bring an end to behaviors they are simply tired of doing
    • Some want to consider new and creative ways to enjoy their free time — including vacation and “staycation” opportunities
    • And many more
  • The reality is, now until the new year may actually be the best time to do guest posting

The great thing about your posts is — unlike expansive advertising that often looks relevant only during the holiday season — your post will have lasting value long after Christmas.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Even after the holidays are done, people will keep seeing your content and it will still be informative and helpful to them
  • For many people, it will be the spark plug to finally take action.  “I remember I was really interested in this last December.  I’m not going to let another year pass without doing something…”
  • In addition posts become an authoritative educational tool that helps people make great decisions

When you develop a guest posting strategy it is important to choose sites that will enhance your brand.  Choose sites robust in content and that have exclusive stories with leading authorities that people want or learn from (US Daily Review and its partners have exclusive interviews with Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, Kevin Brady (the leading Republican on the House Ways and Means committee in Congress), legendary news journalist Bill Kurtis, and many others.

Learn more about sites we work with that often look for guest posts by visiting here. Ask about special opportunities available until 2019. Also, email articles@USDailyReview.com to learn more about the posting guidelines of these  sites. 

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