Why You Need an Extractor Fan in Your Home This Summer

An extractor fan is used to extract moisture, heat, odours, gas, or smoke from any closed location, be it your kitchen, bathroom, warehouse or industrial unit. Primarily used to control humidity and heat, extractor fans can either be mounted into a window or exterior wall with a duct or mounted to a shaft or ceilings. The former is known as axial fans and can carry air over shorter distances while the latter moves air at longer distances because of the higher pressure created by an attached fan wheel. 

There are several reasons for installing an extractor fan this summer. Let us take a look:

Removes hot air: One of the most important functions of an extractor fan is to remove hot air. For instance, you could install an extractor fan in your kitchen or bathroom roof. As hot air has a tendency to move towards the ceiling, the extractor fan placed on the roof guarantees constant extraction of heat, giving way to cooler air.

Reduce energy usage on air conditioning: This takes us to our second point. As more hot air is extracted out of a room, you only need to use your air conditioner less frequently, i.e., there is a reduced energy usage on air conditioning. Moreover, extractor fans have features that ensure a greener and cheaper energy usage.

Controls humidity: You know how it feels when you step into a bathroom that is not ventilated. The moisture and steam build up makes it hot and humid. It can also result in the growth of mould and mildew. Install a fan extractor to control the humidity level in your wet areas. 

Removes smoke: The use of an extractor fan can significantly reduce the amount of harmful airborne pollutants that accumulate in areas that are exposed to them. You can install extractor fans in basements with old gas appliances, in smoking areas, in garages with high dust accumulation, and in workshops with high dust accumulation. Installing extractor fans will help you reduce the likelihood of respiratory illness from breathing air pollutants such as smoke, gas, and dust.

Improves air quality: By using an extractor fan, you can remove humid and unclean air from a room and replace it with clean and dry air. By improving air quality, people’s respiratory health improves as well as unpleasant odours are filtered out and the air remains fresh for longer.

No more build ups on your furniture and walls: If smoke and heat are not pumped out, it can build up on the walls and furniture, even damaging your precious paintings, upholstery and other artefacts. When you install an extractor fan, it will extract the smoke and keep the walls and furniture clean for a longer period.

Ensure the longevity of your fittings and fixtures: As extractor fans help to maintain optimum humidity levels, they ensure the longevity of fittings and fixtures, especially in areas exposed to humidity – such as bathrooms and kitchens. They also protect the plaster and paint from deteriorating at rapid speeds due to their constant exposure to moisture.

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