Will Western Civilization Survive?

By Keith D. Rodebush, Contributor for US Daily Review.

The price of weakness is war. In all cases historically, an enemy never attacks if it believes it’s foe is superior in strength and resolve. However, they will almost always attack when they perceive their foe to be weak or irresolute. All around the world the United States is invariably perceived as militarily strong, but lacking the will to take advantage of it’s strength. For decades our enemies have become ever more emboldened to strike out at America. From North Korea’s defiant nuclear proliferation and threats to South Korea, to Osama bin Ladens attacks on 9/11, the underlying trigger is always perceived weakness. While there was a brief respite after President Bush began the ‘War on Terror’ recent events are a disturbing reminder that the price of perceived weakness is very high and in fact ultimately will lead to more death and destruction.

Recently there has been another attack in Pakistan in which Pakistani forces apparently opened fire on U.S. coalition forces in Afghanistan. The resulting counter attack by our forces left dozens dead and the Pakistani government sounding ever more defiant. Pakistan has again closed the supply lines to our troops in Afghanistan threatening an escalation to these current skirmishes. Pakistan has never been anything other than a reluctant participant in the West’s attempt to root out the Taliban, which came into being with the blessing and support of the Pakistani intelligence service. In fact, then President Pervez Musharraf claimed that America threatened to ‘Bomb Pakistan into the Stone Age’ if they refused to cooperate. While unconfirmed and certainly uncouth, it should be noted that Pakistan agreed and was very helpful in the early days of the Afghan war, presumably for their own security reasons. I do not endorse such bombastic threats, however, I do support firm controlled positions of strong military action against the enemies of America, whomever they shall be. It is obvious that when America was perceived as strong and united after 9/11, there was wide cooperation. As the war weary American electorate has vacillated and the Obama administration has continued to show weakness or indifference, the anti-American fervor in Pakistan has grown. Strategically, it was in our greater interest to support India and fight against both the Taliban and the Pakistan Islamists; birds of a feather with like minded philosophies that are polar opposite of both India and America.

It is hard to argue that the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ is nothing more than a move by Islamists to overthrow governments that were either Western friendly or at least neutered by Western foreign aid and/or military threat, to replace them with pro-Islam, pro-Sharia governments. While the situation is still volatile, the fundamentalist Islamists appear to be emerging very strong from these revolutions. America has not only seemed weak, completely abandoning long time ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, but has indeed supported the Islamists in overthrowing the cowering dictator Qaddafi of Libya. Thus far we have seen blatant attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt, vociferous threats against Israel and expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. History has not yet written the result of this American weakness, but by most accounts it will get much worse before it gets better. Recent riots in Egypt show full well that this revolution will not provide democracy as planned.

Any casual observer can tell that the weaker the American government is seen, the more radical the rhetoric and actions of Iran become. While marching unabated towards nuclear development, Iran has constantly and methodically fostered anti-American sentiment in the Middle East. Through Syria and Lebanon they have kept Israel isolated and undermined all efforts at peace by countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Recently even Turkey has began to abandon it’s secular government and embraced more fundamentalist Islamic policies. Indeed Iran is close to circling the entire Middle East with rabid anti-Western Islamist regimes that portend a disastrous conflict with any Western allied country such as Saudi Arabia. If the end of Mubarak is any indication of our ‘support’, no one will blame these countries if they eventually disavow their relations with the West and join Iran in it’s pursuit of a fundamentalist Islamic Middle East, void of Israel or any Western influence. This will no doubt lead to world wide catastrophic events both economically and militarily. One can not imagine just how bad it could be. The collapse of the European economy, coupled with America’s perceived lack of resolve to exert her power, can only speed up events that will lead to this detrimental end.
So what accounts for the astounding lack of leadership in the Western world to lead us away from this suicidal spiral? Where is the Winston Churchill of our time? The answer can be found in the fact that all of the solutions available for current leaders is soley the politically correct variety and as such are wholly inadequate to the task. Only a staunch and righteous defense of individual Liberty rooted in Judeo-Christian values coupled with free-market Capitalism based on the rule of law can save Western civilization as we know it. Even the current political class vying for the Presidency of the United States seem reticent to unashamedly provide this defense. Political correctness has permeated Western Civilization to such an extent that merely defending Western values and society is perceived by Marxist trained ideologues as intolerent. In this case tolerance will lead to the annihilation of any semblance of Western civilization. The resulting societal break-down will be catastrophic. If Western democracies do not return to their roots of rule of law republicanism based on Judeo-Christian values, then the rise of Islam worldwide will continue unabated, our economies will fall and the only possible result will be totalitarian government of one form or another. The Islamists are positioning themselves to be the power to fill the void. God help us all if we allow it to pass.

Keith D. Rodebush is a Christian businessman, a writer and an armchair scholar. He has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Arkansas. Keith is currently working on a novel and periodically writes at his blog “Ignarus Semino Dominatus

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