Winner of Democratic Debate: Clinton and her Experience

By  Park Street Strategies, Special for  USDR

On Saturday evening, Park Street Strategies (PSS) conducted a three-hour dial focus group with 33 undecided Democrats in Des Moines, Iowa. During the focus group, the respondents, all likely caucus-goers, live-dialed the entire Democratic debate, responding second-by-second to the candidates’ responses, and found that Hillary Clinton has clearly won this critical democratic  debate.

Hillary Clinton wins critical Iowa Democratic debate amongst undecided  voters.

“Clinton clearly won the Iowa debate tonight, and may have essentially ended the race. It was clear that Clinton’s answers on terrorism, and her improved answers on domestic issues, moved undecided Iowans in striking ways. It has almost definitively made Clinton the likely nominee, and is a profound lost opportunity for Sanders and O’Malley,” said Chris Kofinis, of Park Street  Strategies.

The following are the top six insights from the focus  group:

1. Who Won: Clinton won the debate by a 23 to 10 margin compared to  Sanders.

2. Who’s More Electable: By a 31 to 2 margin, these voters agree that Clinton is the most electable  candidate.

3. Who is a Stronger Commander-in-Chief: Citing her experience, these voters unanimously think Clinton would be a stronger commander-in-chief than the other  candidates.

4. Paris Effect: In light of the recent attacks in Paris, Clinton’s message on terrorism resonated very strongly with the  group.

5. Wall Street Weakness: Clinton is vulnerable on donations and Wall Street. Her answer on 9/11 was very  ineffective.

6. Who Won Undecided Voters: After the debate, 11 respondents said they now plan to vote for Clinton, while only 3 moved to support  Sanders.

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