With Obamacare, Where will Americans Get Their Healthcare?

By US Daily Review Staff.

James R. Goldberg, author of, “The American Medical Money Machine: The Destruction of Healthcare in American and The Rise of Medical Tourism,” is issuing a warning to patients that new regulations under Obamacare will encourage a rise in Medical Tourism or Medical Outsourcing.

In a July 12, 2012 statement released through his publisher, Homonculus Press representative Robert Marshall, Goldberg says, “There is a trending worldwide movement whereby people seeking reduced-cost medical treatments are traveling to countries enthusiastically promoting what they generally refer to as Medical Tourism. These Insurance Exchanges are and will be selling mandatory insurance policies meaning millions of new customers will be forced to buy policies from private insurance companies.”

The author said, “Much can be learned from the Massachusetts model (Romneycare) where at least 100,000 people elected to not participate in the exchanges, and the state government seized money from their bank accounts! Exactly where this money went remains a question, and we can see the same thing happening on a national basis with cases likely to be litigated for decades.”

Marshall added, “Goldberg emphasizes that his primary interest is in assuring patient safety for those now being forced to purchase policies from private organizations. These policies can vastly vary in price and in the benefits they provide.”

“I do not come at this from a political or partisan point of view,” Goldberg remarked. “Obamacare has several features which appear to be in the interest of the public, such as the requirement of insurance organizations to accept all patients, even those with preexisting conditions. But the legislation is totally silent when it comes to just how much the insurance companies can charge! The public must understand that the price to be paid for insurance for preexisting conditions is and will be determined by the insurance industry who have and will, if history teaches us correctly, operate with impunity.”

“With Obamacare, or whatever version of it emerges,” Goldberg remarks, “the insurance industry has never made more money. Right now, premiums, co-pays and deductibles for patients have never been higher never lower reimbursement for doctors. There is ample money in the healthcare system: it simply is being hoarded or converted by the medical insurance cartel.”

As an example, the author points out a 1999 Government Accounting Office (GAO) report titled, “Improprieties by Contractors Compromised Medicare Program Integrity.” This report details the conviction a major insurance company who was subsequently removed for administering Medicare benefits in California. Goldberg went on to say, “But don’t cry for them: Shortly thererafter they were “rewarded” by the Department of Defense with the Federal Tri-Care program for active military health benefits: a multi trillion dollar a year contract. What’s wrong with this picture?” the author asks.

Goldberg answers: “The awarding of this contract by the Federal Government to a firm found guilty of criminal fraud is probably illegal and should be rescinded. Meanwhile, Blue Shield of California has increased premiums by 59% for its individual policies since the passage of Obamacare: this is a precursor of things to come!”

“The insurance cartel will most likely offer a variety of policies in Insurance Exchanges mandated by the Obamacare law, with varying benefits and costs. I predict that they will offer lower cost policies which will require patients to travel overseas for unregulated and cheaper medical care. This is the likely scenario that will fuel the growth Medical Tourism and enrich the insurance industry at the expense of patient safety,” he adds.

“According to a recent report released by the consulting firm Deloitte,” Goldberg said, “Many major insurance companies are currently reimbursing medical costs incurred by their insured for foreign medical treatment, provided the foreign hospital is listed in their hospital network and approved by the Joint Commission International (JCI). I believe this will continue and expand with the implementation of the Insurance Exchange Networks.”

“The JCI,” Goldberg has exposed, “is an offspring of the Joint Commission of Oakbrook, Illinois; the same outfit that was given the exclusive right to accredit hospitals in this country in order that they might receive Medicare benefits. The JCI does not regulate their foreign accreditations and provides no oversight or compliance.”

Goldberg further said, “By offering foreign-based care via the new Obamacare Insurance Exchanges, we’re seeing the prospective engineering of a new means for attracting patients to purchase Medical Tourism based policies. These policies appear to offer safe and vetted benefits but a closer look reveals a very different story.”

Marshall explains the author’s personal interest in the topic saying, “Goldberg’s young son, Joshua, died on February 22, 2006 at the epicenter for Medical Tourism, died at Bumrungrad in Bangkok, Thailand. His death came under highly suspicious circumstances. After having forensic experts examine Joshua’s hospital chart, many non-standard practices and outright fabrications became apparent: the hospital would not cooperate and neither would the JCI.”

Goldberg delves into the activities of the insurance cartel in his book, with an in-depth study. Goldberg asserts, “Major health care companies also convicted of numerous Medicare fraud violations, are actively promoting offshore care and will likely play a key role in the Obama Insurance Exchange programs. I simply point out that the giants will likely dominate the Insurance Exchange concept: that is not a good thing.”

Goldberg is concerned that what is not detailed in the Obamacare legislation will be left open to the discretion of the people behind the Insurance Exchanges. He believes it is simple to see that this will open the doors to new fortunes for the insurance companies.

“Tom Daschle, former Speaker of the House and now chief lobbyist for UnitedHealthcare, was retained by Obama to steer the insurance favored legislation through the Congress and into law. The story is hardly over where a battle is brewing between big money versus morality!” he exclaims.

Goldberg’s explosive book on the corruption of our health care system and his cautionary tale about the evils of Medical Tourism, “The American Medical Money Machine: The Destruction of Healthcare in America and The Rise of Medical Tourism,” is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle, as well as through bookstores everywhere.

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