With Private Sector Stagnant, Obama is Talking "Potholes" Again


President Obama has been complaining about America’s supposed “crumbling roads and bridges” for well over six years. But now, in a renewed push for yet more infrastructure spending, Obama is warning Americans of new, killer potholes.
In answering a question at a surprise press conference Thursday, Obama said:

“There’s no reason that [infrastructure] has to be political. There really isn’t any ideological disagreement on that, and I guarantee you after this winter, you look at the potholes the size of canyons all across big chunks of the United States, people would like to see an infrastructure bill.”
Never mind that way back in 2009, the President and Democrats pushed through a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus bill designed to boost “shovel ready” jobs. But apparently five years later, those roads and bridges are still crumbling and the president wants even more spending.
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