With Rising Wages, Declining Job Growth

By Paychex, Inc, Special for  USDR

The Paychex | IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch for June marks four consecutive months of decline in small business job growth, but a continued increase in wages. The Small Business Jobs Index decreased 0.24 percent to 100.10 in June. The index is at its lowest level since late 2011. National hourly earnings in June were $25.82, increasing 2.88 percent ($0.72)  year-over-year.

“Small business job gains have slowed, consistent with tightening labor markets. Wage gains continue at a moderate pace, up 2.88 percent from last year,” said James Diffley, chief regional economist at IHS  Markit.

“Over the past month we’ve seen continued uncertainty as it relates to legislative policies that stand to impact small businesses,” said Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO. “The decline in this month’s index and modest growth in wages seem to reflect an unclear regulatory picture combined with a narrowing labor  market.”

National Jobs  Index

  • Despite a strong start to 2017, the national index, now at 100.10 after four consecutive declines, is at its lowest level since late 2011, with employment growth conditions returning to the levels established during the base year of 2004. This coincides with the U.S. unemployment rate declining to similar levels of that time, per the BLS.
  • Continuing its deceleration, the Small Business Jobs Index declined 0.24 percent to 100.10, the lowest one-month growth rate in four years.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive national index  chart.

National Wage  Report

  • Up 2.88 percent year-over-year, hourly earnings growth was unchanged from revised May data.
  • The 12-month growth in weekly earnings accelerated to 3.10 percent, helped by a 0.25 percent increase in weekly hours worked.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/wage-data/ http://www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive national wage  chart.

Regional Jobs  Index

  • Small business job gains slowed in all four regions.
  • At 100.85, the South is the only region with an index level significantly greater than 100, signifying faster growth than in the 2004 base year.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive regional employment heat map.

Regional Wage  Report  

  • Averaging $26.99 per hour, the West has the fastest wage growth among regions, up 3.58 percent ($0.93) year-over-year.
  • The Midwest has the best 12-month growth rate for hours worked among regions, up 0.50 percent, increasing to 32.02.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/wage-data/ http://www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/for the interactive regional wage heat  map.

State Jobs  Index

  • Eleven of 20 states now have index levels below 100, with New York falling to last place among states for the second time in 2017.
  • Down 1.48 percent from May and 4.47 percent from last June, Washington had the weakest performance among states and currently ranks twelfth after leading in employment growth for most of 2015 and 2016.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive state employment bar chart. Note: Analysis is provided for the 20 largest states based on U.S.  population.

State Wage  Report

  • Washington and Arizona are the only states experiencing more than four percent weekly earnings growth.
  • Arizona has the best hourly earnings gains, while Washington has the best weekly hours worked gains.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/wage-data/ http://www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive state wage bar chart. Note: Analysis is provided for the 20 largest states based on U.S.  population.

Metropolitan Jobs  Index  

  • Down 5.09 percent year-over-year, once-strong small business job gains in Seattle have slowed rapidly, with its index in June now below the national baseline at 99.62.
  • With the only index above 102, Dallas leads all metros in small business job growth for the fourth consecutive month. Atlanta and Miami rank second and third with indexes above 101.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive metro area employment bar chart. Note: Analysis is provided for the 20 largest metro areas based on U.S.  population.

Metropolitan Wage  Report

  • Averaging $22.76 per hour and up 4.92 percent year-over-year, Riverside leads metros in hourly earnings growth.
  • Both below two percent, St. Louis and Philadelphia have the weakest hourly earnings annual growth among metros.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/wage-data/ http://www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive metro area wage bar chart. Note: Analysis is provided for the 20 largest metro areas based on U.S.  population.

Industry Jobs  Index

  • Despite ranking last, Manufacturing is the only industry to increase the pace of small business job growth during the first half of 2017.
  • Small businesses in the construction industry had the steepest decline since last year, 1.89 percent, with Other Services close behind, down 1.80 percent.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive industry sector employment bar chart. Note: Analysis is provided for seven major industry  sectors.

Industry Wage  Report  

  • Leisure and Hospitality and Other Services lead industries in wage growth, gaining more than four percent annually.
  • Hourly earnings growth is the weakest in the Education and Health Services sector, up 2.39 percent.
  • Weekly hours worked increased in all industry sectors except Manufacturing, which saw a slight 0.02 percent decrease year-over-year.

Visit www.paychex.com/employment-watch/wage-data/ http://www.paychex.com/employment-watch/jobs-index/ for the interactive industry sector wage bar chart. Note: Analysis is provided for seven major industry  sectors.

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*Information regarding the professions included in the industry data can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics  website.

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