Wrongful Birth or Right to Life

By April Dye, Contributor for US Daily Review.

What does it say about parents who want to sue a hospital or doctor for “wrongful birth” ?  See the test run on the baby inside the womb came back normal and the child was born with Down Syndrome (also note that the form of Down Syndrome the baby has is hard to diagnose until after birth) and they weren’t able to terminate the pregnancy.  The courts actually just awarded them damages – they won.

I know that some parents want to know these things before hand.  Some because they want to be prepared in case there is something wrong.  Others like this family, I guess, wanted to know so they wouldn’t have to be burdened with an imperfect child.  For me, I didn’t want the amniocentesis because it didn’t matter to us either way, we would keep the child and love it no matter what, so we didn’t feel – for us anyway – it mattered.

I read where one person asked, regarding the court case,  what would they do with the child if it had been born without any imperfections, but at a later date it had fallen ill with something that left it hurt with something that would make it impossible for the child to ever be able to take care of itself?  Would they think to seek, what some doctors are discussing as being ethical, a “post term abortion”?

What do their family and friends think of them?  I would have to ask, why you would do that?  To me it comes down to saying she is a burden, that they would have preferred she had never been born.  That makes me want to know, how do they treat her?  Do they love her? Do they treat her with kindness?  As she gets older will they just ship her off?

I work with children that have Down Syndrome and I will tell you they can be the most loving people.  When I was a teenager I also worked at a camp where mentally handicapped adults attended.  I worked in the kitchen and after every meal they came to tell us how wonderful the food was and thanked us profusely.  I even had a gentleman who liked to kiss our hands.  At night they would have a dance and they were so fun.  I had some of the best times with them.

A person is a person is a person.  A baby is a baby is a baby.  Some require a little more work than others.  But how can you look at someone who is a part of you and actually utter the words – we would have terminated.  No matter how sick, or mentally challenged or physically challenged are children could have been I would never ever have felt better off without them.

What is this world coming to when the people that should love and protect children the most, either think of them as a burden, an inconvenience, or a hindrance enough to kill them or wish they would have?

It just boggles my mind.  All children are a blessing.  My children are to me.  I am blessed to be able to spend this whole week with my kids watching tv, playing games and just hanging out.  The hugs and kisses my kids give me are more precious than anything else – ever.

April Dye is a Christian wife and mother of two. She loves to hang out with family, read, watch movies and television, and her job. You can follow her on face book at facebook.com/AprilVestalDye and clardye.blogspot.com.

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