Yellowstone Capital LLC Reviews Best Financing Options for Startups

The biggest challenge that startups have to deal with is lack of financing options. Not every entrepreneur has the option to self-fund his business or ask his family members or friends to finance his business. While some do benefit from grants and crowdfunding, not all are aware of the strategies that are to be used to find a steady source of financing for their  business.

Most startups fail to obtain bank loans for the simple reason that the banks find them too risky to lend. While some may not have enough capital that can convert into payments on bank loans, the others have no assets to use as collateral. There are some that lack the capacity to generate sufficient money to pay back the loan; and then there are the others who suffer because of their not-so-good credit  rating.

Not having the required industry experience or an experienced management team that can run the business successfully can also be a hindrance in qualifying for a business loan. Some lenders may agree to give loans to businesses that may have some strong customers lined up; but not all startups have such great fortune. In such cases the best thing to do would be to look for alternative funding solutions that can help startups get funding  quickly.

The presence of many online lenders has carved out pathways for many startups to hold on to their businesses without worrying about their finances. One such online lender is Yellowstone Capital LLC that is into helping small businesses and startups grow. They have financed more than 25,000 small businesses by raising $1 billion in  funding.

Merchant cash advance is what Yellowstone Capital believes in when it comes to funding startups. Most businesses that make a decent amount of sales via credit/debit cards can qualify for an MCA. As opposed to a traditional business loan which involves 30 to 60 days of processing, the merchant cash advance is available almost instantly. The restrictions are fewer and they require no  collateral.

Startups can benefit from Yellowstone Capital’s system of funding, which helps them obtain the money that they need, whenever they need it. The team at Yellowstone Capital is dedicated enough to get even those deals done that seem impossible for others to finance. Apart from the numerous in-house funders who make it possible to fund small businesses, Yellowstone Capital has also tied up with many funding partners from the MCA industry, thereby creating one of the country’s largest ISO networks of alternative finance  providers.

Each of Yellowstone Capital’s funder partners work closely with small businesses, to understand their requirements and find the best way to cater to them. The process starts with calling a personal liaison officer, who will negotiate the best deal for his clients and make sure they get the required assistance within a period of 48 hours. The focus is not on increasing the numbers; but on helping businesses grow and succeed. It is this attitude that has helped Yellowstone Capital LLC fund more and more deals in a faster  way.

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