You Heard about “Hoovervilles.” Now “Obamavilles”?

From the Daily Caller:

About 200 anti-capitalist activists have slept in a Hooverville-style tent city for the last seven days that quickly devolved into a mire of mud and filth after a week of steady rain, cold winds and typically gray October skies. Although the number of “occupiers” occasionally dwindles to fewer than 100 as temperatures have fallen, the themes emerging from this “Obamaville” are visible and jarring.

During the dedication of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C. last Sunday, President Obama extended an endorsement of sorts to the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying Rev. King would support its aims and activities if he were alive today.

In Detroit, the protesters’ encampment shows signs of permanence, or at least the intention of permanence, making it hard to avoid the conclusion that Grand Circus Park is Michigan’s Obamaville.

Under a series of jerry-rigged tarps and amid webs of ropes and Bungee cords, an ad hoc field kitchen in the park is churning out meals for both the “occupiers” and the homeless. Grand Circus Park always has had a few homeless “residents,” but word of free food, blankets and clothing traveled quickly. At least a dozen are taking full advantage. Because some of the homeless are drunk and sometimes rowdy, volunteers in urban camouflage and tactical gear (but unarmed) began patrols Thursday evening with the intent of defusing any incidents.

Protesters held their first rally outside Detroit’s city hall on Oct. 14, attracting a crowd estimated at anywhere from 500 to 2,000. A colorful litany of chanting anarchists, Marxists, socialists, trade unionists and other left-wing factions mugged for TV cameras.

They marched several blocks north along historic Woodward Avenue to an encampment in Grand Circus Park. They brandished picket signs. They called for more taxes on the rich, an end to foreclosures, greed, capitalism, CEO bonuses, the Federal Reserve, wars and racism.

Still, the most serious casualty of the “Occupy Detroit” protest’s first week

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